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iName is the leading provider of lifetime personalized email addresses and advanced email services. Available through and iName's Partner Network, we offer a complete consumer email solution.

To provide web users with the very best, most accessible electronic messaging capability, including all of the most valuable email functions and personalized iName addresses through the iName site and through the most extensive, premiere partner network. To provide advertisers with the most accurate marketing vehicle for reaching a large, highly targetable audience.

iName was established to give consumers access to the best email services. A pioneer in the email market, iName anticipated the value of personalized and permanent email addresses. To give consumers the largest selection of address choices, iName began acquiring quality domain names in 1995. Users can now create a personalized, easy to remember Internet Name (or 'iName') that can be used as their email address for life, regardless of how they obtain Internet access. iName has committed to provide Internet users with access to state-of-the-art email services as soon as they are available. Already with an iName users can take control of their email with fantastic services like email forwarding, web based email and POP access. New services are constantly being developed and refined by the worlds leading and dedicated email technical team.