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With IRIS Showcase - the Silicon Graphics multimedia authoring and presentation tool - you can use the power of visual computing to create complex and sophisticated presentations that you've only dreamed of before. IRIS Showcase helps you communicate your ideas in an effective and media-rich way, as well as create interactive prototypes that visually demonstrate your application and its flow. Best of all, it's bundled free with every Silicon Graphics system!

Text Processing and Management:

  • Use the written word to your advantage with IRIS Showcase's full range of text management capabilities, such as multiple PostScript fonts, sizes and customizable colors.

3D Object and Text Creation:

  • Make your presentation stand out from the rest with fully customizable 3D object and text.
    • Showcase gives you total control with multiple materials, textures, opacity control, bevelling, and more.
    • Import your own textures, customize your colors, and have an almost unlimited palette to choose from.
    • Create lights and shadows where you want it.
    • See the problem from all angles using the rotation tool.

2D Object Oriented Drawing:

  • Put your ideas on the page with Showcase's full range of drawing tools.
    • Vary colors, line width, line style, patterns and even arrow style.
    • Smoothed, shaded polygons.
    • Freehand drawing.
    • Bezier curves.
    • Filled or unfilled objects.


  • Make yourself be heard and seen with Showcase's hyperscripting abilities.
    • Create links to other Showcase files.
    • Launch and run a program.
    • Show live video, movies and audio.
    • Navigate easily through your presentation with simple icons.
    • Showcase allows you to turn pages using a variety of transition methods, including wipes, iris in, iris out, squares, and more.
  • Go non-linear and maintain your sanity!

Import/Export File Support:

  • No need to recreate text or images from other files.
    • Import/Export text files.
    • Image files.
    • Audio files.
    • EPS files.
    • Inventor files.
    • And more.

On-line Assistance:

  • Help is just a mouse-click away.
    • The Showcase on-line book and help system provides you with up-to-date and comprehensive answers to all your Showcase questions.

Use Showcase to create:

  • Interactive Presentations.
  • Storyboards
  • Courseware
  • Digital Publications
  • Electronic Reference Materials
  • Product Demos
  • Application Mockups
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Kiosks



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