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Managing a multiserver cluster using dumb terminals is cumbersome and provides only limited information. The IRISconsole(TM) multiserver management system replaces these terminals with a powerful, easy-to-use central control point which manages and monitors servers and logs their activity. IRISconsole performs intelligent actions based upon this information and also allows remote console access.

IRISconsole is comprised of the following components:

  • Indy(TM)workstation (not included in the IRISconsole package)
  • Serial Port Multiplexor
  • Serial and SCSI cables
  • Software to manage serial port connectivity
  • Text-based interface to manage servers remotely

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IRISconsole uses only one workstation to manage the activity of several servers. This saves floor space and provides an intelligent method for monitoring multiple systems. IRISconsole can monitor up to 16 servers, such as CHALLENGE® or POWER CHALLENGE(TM), and provides the user with the following information:

  • Voltage level of the power supply
  • Operating temperature
  • Speed of the internal blowers
  • Availability report of the servers
  • System log
  • Console activity by other users
  • Hardware inventory of any machine

IRISconsole sets off audio and/or visual alarms if any data points are outside of established threshold values. It can also notify remote operators by e-mail or pager if an anomaly occurs and store a graph of the anomaly for later trouble-shooting. If Electronic Call Logging is installed as part of the service contract, IRISconsole will automatically start a program that facilitates notification of a service provider if an anomaly is detected.


The IRISconsole graphical window interface allows an operator to simply click a mouse button to perform tasks such as:

  • Accessing console(s)
  • Powercycling system(s)
  • Rebooting system(s)
  • Installing software on system(s)
  • Initiating a Non-Maskable Interrupt (NMI), which forces systems to generate a corefile for debugging purposes

The console interface on IRISconsole has scrollable history and allows the user to log console activity for future reference. All viewable graphs can be saved to a file or a PostScript® format for interchange across a network.



With a modem installed, IRISconsole is able to remotely monitor and manage servers off-site through a text-based interface or a graphical interface (with a SLIP or PPP connection). This helps system administrators watch for exceptional system conditions such as a disk becoming full or unusual interrupts.


IRISconsole employs its own password-based security system, separate from the IRIX(TM) /etc/passwd. This allows system administrators to securely configure a cluster. Also, the text-based IRISconsole interface (used for remote access) restricts the user to IRISconsole commands.


Product Span

IRISconsole is available as a layered product on INDY workstations that run IRIX 5.3 with XFS. Systems being monitored are not restricted to run a particular OS version; those without a Remote System Control port have access to only a limited set of functions.


IRISconsole uses sgitcl, a tcl/Motif(TM) scripting language, and C. The GUI follows the Silicon Graphics look and feel, including selected Silicon Graphics widgets and integration into the Indigo Magic(TM) desktop. The on-line documentation is viewable using the IRIS InSight(TM) viewer.


IRISconsole uses the single-ended SCSI-based ST-1600 Multiplexer. The optional RS232 (DB25) serial cables connect to Power Indigo2, POWER CHALLENGE(TM), and CHALLENGE® S/DM/L/XL. Each ST-1600 has 16 serial ports capable of 115K baud throughput simultaneously. Up to two ST-1600s may be daisy chained to handle 16 servers. Two serial ports are used per server: one for the console and the other for the Remote System Control port.

Remote Access

A text-based utility is included to remotely perform a major subset of IRISconsole functionality, including accessing consoles and resetting attached systems.

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