IRIX 6.5.11

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Software Enhancements delivered by IRIX 6.5.11

Maintenance and Feature Stream:

  • Support for the use of a reserved area of memory; this reserved area is between virtual addresses 0x30000000 and 0x40000000. This feature disables the reserved area of memory that the kernel provides for applications to place their mmap and shmat mappings. For more information, see the mmap(2), shmat(2), syssgi(2), and sgi_use_anyaddr(1) man pages.
  • Support for weightless pthreads; they allow you to lower the priority of a process by using the npri -w command. For more information, see the npri(1) man page.
  • Support for upgrading license_eoe to the FLEXlm 7.1 release from Globetrotter Software, Inc. The license manager daemon will be built in V5 compatibility mode. For more information, see the FLEXlm End User Manual and the associated man pages.
  • Support for an increased maximum number of logical unit numbers (LUNs) in the SCSI infrastructure from 64 to 255. This change impacts only the fcadp and qlfc fibre channel drivers and they will now enforce this LUN limit. If a LUN is greater than 255, it will be ignored after issuing a message to this effect. If you use large numbers of LUNs, you can exhaust the hardware graph. You may need to use the systune command to increase the hwgraph_num_dev parameter to let the kernel build larger hardware graphs.
  • Support for licensing of partitioned environments. The SGI Origin 3000 server series and SGI Onyx 3000 series of systems give you the flexibility to distribute and manage a partitioned system environment on a large CPU server system. In most cases, software licensing behaves in the same manner on a single system image as in a partitioned environment. However, there are some differences. Depending on your applications, you may need either systemwide or per-CPU licensing. For more information, see IRIX Admin: Software Installation and Licensing.
  • Support for the PCI Hot Plug infrastructure on the SGI 3200, SGI 3400, and SGI 3800 servers. The Hot Plug feature consists of the Hot Insertion and Hot Removal actions. Each device driver must be qualified as supporting one or both of these actions. Currently, the QLogic fibre channel and QLogic SCSI device drivers are qualified for Hot Insertion. For more information on specific administrative options, see the pciconfig(1) man page.

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