IRIX 6.5.12

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Software Enhancements delivered by IRIX 6.5.12

  • OpenGL Performer 2.4.1 execution environment, which is a powerful suite of tools and features that creates real-time visual simulation and other professional performance-oriented 3D graphics applications for the IRIX operating system. The following new features for OpenGL Performer provide enhanced realism and peak-performance rendering:
  • Programmable model shading using pfShader
  • Use of pfVolFog for rendering layered and patchy fog
  • Use of pfRotorWash to create the visual effect of downwash in helicopter simulation
  • Double-precision matrix support for rendering extremely large databases where objects are far away from the origin
  • CPU priority specification to allow multiple run-time processes to run on the same processor
  • Multi-pipe scalability enhancements
  • Improved pfLOD behavior to allow custom evaluation functions
  • Speed and functionality enhancements for pfFlux, pfCliptexture, and pfLightpoints
  • pfHyperpipe support for the DPLEX hardware option
  • EventView performance tuning tool for instrumenting and tuning your OpenGL Performer application
  • The IRIX tape-support feature consists of a tape support driver, personality daemons, and a daemon that manages the personality daemons. The feature enables new personality daemons to be developed and added individually. The tape-support driver, which co-exists with the current IRIX tape driver (tpsc), passes all device-dependent tasks, except for I/O processing, to a personality daemon. This release supports various devices including the Fibre Channel implementation on the StorageTek 9840 and T9940A tape drives. The reserve, release, preempt, clear, and prsv commands are available for these tape drives on the mt command. For more information, see the mt(1), tsarchive(1M), tsdaemon(1M), tserrpt(1M), tsset(1M), tsstop(1M), ts.config(4), and ts(7) man pages.
  • Updated FLEXlm v7.2e support from GLOBEtrotter Software, Inc. The license manager daemon and the floating license server are built in V5 compatibility mode. For backwards compatibility, the client libraries and header files are still based on FLEXlm v6.1. For more information, see the FLEXlm End User Manual and the associated man pages.
  • The Scheduled Transfer Protocol (STP) has moved from the feature stream to the maintenance and feature stream. STP is now a mature supported protocol and it includes support for the Trusted IRIX.

Feature Stream:

Supports the labeling of disks as XVM system disks in the XVM Volume Manager. This lets you create XVM logical volumes that include the partitions of a system disk. The following XVM system disk features are supported: Root partitions can be mirrored There can be multiple root partitions on a system disk You can include usr and swap partitions in any XVM logical volume configuration, including mirrors, concats, and stripes A system disk can include slices that are not part of a root, usr, or swap partition You can now convert existing system disks to XVM system disks, and then use their partitions as part of an XVM logical volume. After you have converted an existing system disk to an XVM disk, you can convert the disk back to its original state by unlabeling the disk with the XVM unlabel command. For information on XVM system disks, see the XVM Volume Manager Administrator's Guide.

Applications CD:

  • SGI web server, based on the Apache web server version 1.3.17, replaces the Netscape FastTrack web server.
  • WebSetup 3.2 has been updated to support the SGI web server based on Apache
  • NEdit version 5.1.1a has added extensions to the regular expression syntax, an improved international character set input, new macro subroutines, and improved syntax highlighting for several programming languages
  • Runtime Plug-in for IRIX, Java(TM) Edition 1.1.1b has added support for the Netscape N32 plugin and the O32 plugin
  • Impressario 2.8.5 supports two new HP printer drivers, HP4050 and HP8100

Next release

IRIX 6.5.13

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IRIX 6.5.11

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