IRIX 6.5.13

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Summary of Software Enhancements delivered by IRIX 6.5.13

Maintenance and Feature Stream:


  • Improved exit codes for the xfsrestore and xfsdump commands.
  • Changed the mkfs command to allow you to specify the size of an XFS allocation group, as an alternative to specifying the total number of allocation groups.
  • Changed the mkfs command to allow you to specify the size of a stripe unit and the size of a stripe width in bytes or in filesystem blocks, as an alternative to specifying these values in 512-byte block units.
  • Changed the default size of an XFS allocation group; larger filesystems will result in larger default allocation group sizes.
  • The xfsdump and xfsrestore commands will provide the VSN of the tape that reached its end-of-volume (or the VSN of a new tape that needs to be mounted) and pass this VSN to the media_change_alert_program specified with the -c option.
  • Changed the default size of an XFS log. The default log size grows with the size of the filesystem up to the maximum log size, 128 megabytes, on a 1 terabyte filesystem.


  • Added cpusetAttachPID() and cpusetDetachPID() functions to the Cpuset System library. These functions allow a programmer to attach/detach a currently running program to an existing cpuset.


The following features have been moved from Enhanced DHCP to standard DHCP:

  • Ping check before an address is leased to insure it is not already in use.
  • MAC address filtering.
  • Added implementation of End Sequence to Scheduled Transfer Protocol.

Graphics workstations

VPro for SGI Octane/OpenGL performance improvements have been added as follows:

  • Improved X window performance by 25 percent based on x11perf.
  • Improved performance of OpenGL glCopypixel() function.
    • SGI Origin 3000 servers

The following new system controller features have been implemented for the SGI Origin 3000 server series:

  • Enabled router port security.
  • Enabled system serial number security.
  • Redesigned the graphical interface for the front-panel display of the SGI 3400 and 3800 servers. Added hotplug attach feature that allows Gigabit Ethernet cards to be installed on a running system.
  • Added Origin 3000 system partitioning support in the eoe.sw.partition software package.

System performance

  • Efficiency improvements have been made to the BTE driver layer to reduce both latency and contention.
  • The tools that report CPU utilization have been modified to correct the sampling of %WIO to omit idle time in line with industry standards.

Licensing software

  • Updated FLEXlm v7.2f support from GLOBEtrotter Software, Inc. The license manager daemon and the floating license server are built in V5 compatibility mode. For backwards compatibility, the client libraries and header files are still based on FLEXlm v6.1g.

Feature Stream:


  • The structure of the CXFS filesystem configuration has been changed. CXFS filesystems can now be defined, modified, managed and deleted independently of each other, and of the cluster definition.
  • The XVM Volume Manager can be used when layered with the CXFS filesystem. The XVM Volume Manager can also be used as a standalone volume manager; this requires that you be running (6.5.13f) feature stream. The (6.5.13m) maintenance stream does not support XVM as a standalone volume manager; this support is planned for a later release.

Added support for the use of mirrors in XVM logical volumes. The mirroring feature of XVM requires the XFS Volume Plexing software option. Customers running CXFS and who want to run mirrors will need to purchase this license. XLV customers with plexing licenses can upgrade to XVM without having to acquire a new license.

Applications CD:

The following products were updated with bug fixes only:

  • SGI Web Server, based on the Apache 1.3.20
  • IRIX Interactive Desktop System Administration
  • Information Searching Execution Environment
  • InSight Online Doc Viewer 4.4
  • Netscape Communicator 4.77
  • By default, version 4.77 will install the new N32 version of the browser. Any existing third-party plugins for the browser that are O32 will no longer function. Support for the Macromedia Flash plugin is also included.
  • The following products contain enhancements or new features:
    • WebSetup 3.3 has been updated to support the SGI web server based on Apache 1.3.20 and an administration GUI has been added.
    • Impressario 2.9.5 to support a new HP6300 Scanner driver and an Epson PPD bug fix.

Next release

IRIX 6.5.14

Previous release

IRIX 6.5.12

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