IRIX 6.5.17

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New Hardware Platforms or Features:

Fibre Channel Adapters Filesystems

The firmware for the QLogic 2 Gb fibre channel adapters, the 2300, 2310 and 2342, is updated to version 3.01.07. With this firmware, the amber led on the boards will flash when there is no cable connected or there is no signal on a connected cable.

IRIX 6.5.17 Feature Stream:


New XVM Manager Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • The XVM Manager GUI provides access to the tasks that help you set up and administer XVM logical volumes and provides icons representing states and structure of the XVM volume elements.

New XVM snapshot feature

  • The XVM snapshot feature provides the ability to create virtual point-in-time images of a filesystem without causing a service interruption. The snapshot feature requires a minimal amount of storage because it uses a copy-on-write mechanism that copies only the data areas that change after the snapshot is created. Use of the XVM snapshot features requires a FLEXlm license.
  • Support for XVM volumes with FailSafe 2.1.3
  • This release includes support for the use of local XVM volumes as FailSafe resources. FailSafe version 2.1.3 is required. XVM volumes used in conjunction with CXFS should not be added as FailSafe resources.
  • CXFS upgrade: filesystem definitions
  • The structure of the CXFS filesystem configuration was changed with the release of IRIX 6.5.13f. Backward compatibility with earlier versions is no longer maintained as of IRIX 6.5.14f, since all nodes in the cluster must be running the same or adjacent releases.
    • If you are upgrading from 6.5.13f to 6.5.14f or later, there is no further impact.
    • If you are upgrading from 6.5.12f or earlier, you must perform a one-time manual conversion of your CXFS filesystem definitions.*

For CXFS customers, if you install IRIX 6.5.17f including sysadm_base on a cluster node where the the 6.5.13f or earlier version of CXFS is installed, you will need to upgrade to the 6.5.17f version CXFS (sysadm_cxfs) and install 6.5.17f sysadm_cluster.

IRIX 6.5.17 Maintenance and Feature Stream:

Online Documentation

Online Documentation Tools/Books Upgrade With IRIX 6.5.17, the underlying documentation tools and books have undergone a major upgrade. These processes now allow for SGML or XML documents to be published directly into HTML (our delivery format). These same tools are available to you as part of the "SGI Book Building Tools" product; formerly the "IRIS InSight Professional Publisher".


NFS Version 3 Client Update

The overall behavior of the NFS Version 3 client has been modified to improve mixed and heavy load performance. Most casual users of NFS will probably notice little change. However, users should see a marked improvement in performance under certain heavy load conditions. Cluster Management

The build_cmgr_script(1M) command generates a cmgr(1M) script that can be used later to recreate the cluster database. Device Drivers

Device drivers now have the capability to create kernel threads not associated with particular interrupts to act as daemons and do background processing.

Resource Management

New cpuset(1) options

Two new options have been added to the cpuset command. These allow the user to move a process or group of processes with or without their associated memory from one cpuset to another.


New networking interface functions

Support for several new networking interface functions have been added. They provide node name and/or a service name translation in a protocol-independent manner to support both IPv4 and IPv6. (Note, IPv6 support is not currently available.)

System Availability

For FailSafe customers, if you install IRIX 6.5.17, including sysadm_base, on a cluster node where FailSafe 2.1.1 is installed, you will need to upgrade to FailSafe 2.1.2 (sysadm_failsafe2) and install 6.5.17 sysadm_cluster.

Next release

IRIX 6.5.18

Previous release

IRIX 6.5.16

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