IRIX 6.5.19

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New Hardware Platform

SGI Origin 3900 server - Support for the SGI Origin 3900 server is included in 6.5.19. This includes support for the following features:

  • New compute brick introduction to the NUMAflex architecture, providing
  • A 4x-density improvement in the SGI Origin 3000 product family
  • Up to 128 CPUs and 256GB per compute rack
  • SGI NUMAflex shared-memory architecture
  • New Enhanced Topology for the NUMAflex architecture
  • SGI IRGO HPC workflow optimization feature

IRIX 6.5.19 Feature Stream Enhancements


CXFS upgrades:

A new rolling annual upgrade policy permits you to upgrade from 6.5.n to the n+1 or n+4 release. This policy is effective with 6.5.18f. The time required to update and propagate the database across nodes in the cluster has been significantly decreased. If you use I/O fencing and ipfilterd(1M) on a node, the ipfilterd configuration must allow communication between the node and the telnet(1) port on the switch. The CXFS Manager graphical user interface (GUI) has added a new icon to represent client-only nodes. Application programmers should be aware that XFS recently relaxed the requirement that direct I/O be aligned along filesystem block boundaries. As of IRIX 6.5.19f, direct I/O will also be accepted using 512-byte alignment. This change makes the use of direct I/O on a CXFS partition more consistent with that of other vendors requirements and thus makes the use of CXFS more transparent. IRIX 6.5.19 Maintenance and Feature Stream Enhancements Special Files Pseudo Random Number Generator IRIX 6.5.19 provides a Pseudo Random Number Generator, accessible through the special files /dev/random, and /dev/urandom. These files support the standard file interface operations.

Software Timers

  • Easier access to raw real-time clock
  • The rdrtc() function was added to libc. This function provides a simplified interface to read the system's raw real-time clock value.


OpenSSH version 3.4p1 added

Real-Time Features

Processors can no longer be unisolated while still non-preemptive


Support for Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) is the next generation Internet protocol, designed eventually to replace the current IPv4. IPv6 is expected to grow in usage gradually over many years and will coexist and interoperate with IPv4 for the foreseeable future. IPv4 uses a 32-bit address scheme to represent a unique Internet address while IPv6 uses a 128-bit addressing scheme. Because IPv6 has four times the number of bits to represent addresses, it provides several billion times the address space of IPv4 and adds an almost unlimited number of available IP addresses. This resolves a projected future shortage of IPv4 addresses as more and more devices are added to the Internet. For more information, see the IRIX Network Programming Guide and see Chapter 2, "Planning a Network" in IRIX Admin: Networking and Mail.

New gigabit ethernet driver

The new gigabit ethernet driver (device tgx) now dynamically adjusts the cards parameters to maintain good performance across very dynamic workloads.

Digital Media Environment

64-bit versions of dmedia libraries added This release includes 64-bit versions of libaudiofile and libcdaudio.

General Administration

Support for sendmail version 8.12.5 This release supports sendmail version 8.12.5, which provides the following features:

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

  • Performance improvements including multiple queues, memory-buffered pseudo-files, and more control over resolver timeouts.
  • Support for "message submission agent".
  • Changes to support running sendmail with group-id privileges.
  • For security reasons, sendmail is no longer implemented as a
  • setuid-root program.
  • Ability to connect to servers running on named sockets.

Changes to support IPv6.

  • Improved support for virtual hosting.
  • Improved anti-spam control features.
  • Several new map classes, including ph, arith, and macro.
  • For more information on sendmail, see Chapter 9, "IRIX sendmail" in IRIX Admin: Networking and Mail.

Next release

IRIX 6.5.20

Previous release

IRIX 6.5.18

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