IRIX 6.5.20

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IRIX 6.5.20 Feature Stream Enhancements


Changes to CXFS and XVM Manager GUIs New GUI login choices, including support for a remote shell connection, which connects to the server via a user-specified command shell, such as rsh(1C) or ssh(1). The ability for the root user to grant other users permission to execute specific GUI tasks.

Changes to CXFS

The default values for cxfsd_min and cxfsd_max have changed to 16. The legal value for cxfsd_max has also changed to be an integer in the range 8 through 4096. IRIX 6.5.20 Maintenance and Feature Stream Enhancements Sysadm Base GUIs Sysadm Base GUIs use Java2 (version 1.4.1) Sysadm Base 3.0 ports the Sysadm Base 2.0 software from Java1 (version 1.1.8) to Java2 (version 1.4.1) which is the latest Java version supported by SGI. Sysadm Base 3.0 supports SGI's IRIX software for remote cluster and storage administration. The CXFS, FailSafe, and XVM Manager GUIs depend on Sysadm Base.

Digital Media

MPEG Layer 3 (MP3) audio decoding MP3 audio decoding is integrated into the digital medial libraries and all associated dmedia tools. Huffman YUV (HuffYUV) video codec The Huffman YUV (HuffYUV) video codec is supported, which allows lossless real-time compression of 4:2:2 video in the range of 2:1 to 3:1. Griffin iMic USB audio interface is supported. M-Audio Revolution PCI audio card is supported.

Graphics Software

OpenGL Shader 3.0.1 Execution Only Environment OpenGL Shader is now shipped with IRIX. OpenGL Shader is a powerful multi-platform appearance-modeling tool that provides incredible realism effects through an easy and powerful development toolkit.

Graphical Interface

Support for Motif 2.1 and ViewKit 2.1 development has been added to the Maintenance stream.


Kerberos bundled in IRIX Libraries and utility programs from MIT kerberos V version 1.2.7 are now part of the IRIX deliverable. The libraries included are:,,,, and The utility programs included are: kdestroy, kinit, klist, kpasswd, and kvno. OpenLDAP bundled in IRIX OpenLDAP version 2.1.12 with support for TLS/SSL and Kerberos authentication is now packaged with IRIX. This includes the complete suite of programs and header files necessary to implement an LDAP server and client applications.


Write-capable UDF filesystem format Universal Disk Format (UDF) is the filesystem used on DVDs. The UDF specifications are produced by OSTA, and are based on the ECMA-167 specification. A read-only implementation of UDF was added to IRIX 6.5.18, and a write-capable version was added for IRIX 6.5.20. Job Limits and CSA Job Limits and CSA packages added to maintenance stream The Job Limits and Comprehensive System Accounting packages, long available in the IRIX feature stream, have been added to the maintenance stream. These features are available in the optionally installable packages eoe.sw.jlimits and eoe.sw.csa. sgi_apache Web Server mod_ssl package added to sgi_apache web server The mod_ssl package has been added to the sgi_apache web servers. The mod_ssl package adds secure http (https or TLS) support to apache, using openssl to do the encryption. Note that to use secure connections you must generate a certificate for your host.

Trusted IRIX

Trusted IRIX support in CPR The IRIX 6.5.20 release adds support for Trusted IRIX attributes to checkpoint and restart processes (CPR). If enabled, capabilities, mandatory access control (MAC) labels, and access control lists (ACLs) are saved at the time of checkpoint and restored upon restart. Capabilities are saved and restored for processes and files. MAC labels are saved and restored for processes, files, pipes, named pipes, and System V shared memory segments. ACLs are saved and restored for files and named pipes.

Next release

IRIX 6.5.21

Previous release

IRIX 6.5.19

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