IRIX 6.5.24

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The IRIX 6.5.24 release added support for GRIO version 2, the next-generation guaranteed-rate I/O product from SGI. GRIO version 2 supports CXFS™ filesystems shared among nodes in a cluster as well as locally attached XFS® filesystems.

The IRIX 6.5.24 release added support for XVM multi-host failover. When using XVM multi-host failover, you can manually specify the attributes associated with a storage path by using the failover2.conf file.

In support of XVM multi-host failover, XVM now supports the xvm foconfig and the xvm foswitch commands. The xvm foconfig command parses a failover2.conf file on a running system. The xvm foswitch command switches the path used to access an XVM physvol.

Administrators can now create a special cpuset for kernel daemons to run in called the "system" cpuset. This will help keep the daemons responsive even under high load.

The top and ps commands can now display information about particular cpusets or what cpusets processes belong to.

IRIXview™ and the rtmond tools can now report more meaningful information for kernel interrupt handlers threads. Running rtmond with the new -H option will cause the name of reported threads to be more descriptive.

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IRIX 6.5.25

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