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IRIX 6.5.25

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SGI® 10-Gigabit Ethernet Network Adapter The IRIX 6.5.25 release supports the new SGI 10-Gigabit Ethernet network adapter. This board uses multimode fiber and is able to handle connections of up to 300m. For more information, see the SGI 10-Gigabit Ethernet Network Adapter User's Guide.

Support for Secure RPC IRIX 6.5.25 includes support for user authentication and optional integrity protection and encryption of NFS traffic using RPCSEC_GSS authentication mechanism with Kerberos V5 backend has been added. For information on this feature, see the ONC3/NFS Administrator's Guide.

CXFS™ is not supported with IRIX 6.5.25 If you want to run CXFS, you cannot upgrade to IRIX 6.5.25.

Next release[edit]

IRIX 6.5.26

Previous release[edit]

IRIX 6.5.24