IRIX 6.5.26

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As of IRIX 6.5.26, the data area of an XVM-labeled disk starts on a 32-sector boundary. All XVM slices are created on 32-sector boundaries on the disk and are some multiple of 32 sectors in length. In addition, XVM stripe units must be a multiple of 32 512-byte blocks. In the cases of both stripes and slices, you can explicitly remove this restriction. Existing XVM physvols and volumes will continue to work and do not need to be recreated.

rtmon records for received signals now include from what process the signal was sent. System administrators and developers can use this feature to help track down why certain signals are being sent. This information is printed out as part of rtmon-dump and par reports.

The fuser command can display usage information for particular vnodes. System administrators may use this to find out more information about vnodes identified in bufview that don't have names listed there.

The clock_prtimeout() function has been added. This makes timeouts at the system's maximum resolution available to drivers. Driver authors can use this function when very precise timeouts are required.

New media formats recognized

  • mediaconvert recognizes Alias files even if they do not have a .pix filename extension
  • dmconvert recognizes Abekas YUV format as a supported media type
  • CDplayer and mount now support enhanced multisession CDs
  • Extended freedb support (added in 6.5.24) includes multiple match selection
  • sfplay supports automatic sampling rate conversion for unsupported
  • Hardware sampling rates and for situations when the port is in use
  • Better desktop recognition is provided for QuickTime┬« files
  • A new device type for IBM┬« 3592 tape devices was added to the list of hinv tape devices

The default behavior of crontab has been changed so that core files are no longer removed from the system automatically.

rpc.mountd is run from a network startup script and not from inetd. If rpc.mountd is killed, it will not be restarted automatically.

The snoop(1m) command has enhanced support for decoding the STATMON and NFSAUTH protocols.

Default quota limits can now be set

The nfsdctl command includes a -t option to shut down TCP connections on an NFS server.

telnetd can display the contents of /etc/ before displaying the login prompt.

Next release

IRIX 6.5.27

Previous release

IRIX 6.5.25

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