IRIX 6.5.27

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Volatile cpusets

The IRIX 6.5.27 release supports volatile cpusets, which are cpusets that can be configured, created, and destroyed by regular users. Users who need to isolate work in non-batch environments can use this feature to achieve their needs without root access or the scheduling. Tracking priority inheritance

Enabling the "scheduler" event-mask logs priority inheritance actions to rtmon logs. Developers can use these new trace records to analyze the real-time behavior of their applications.

NFS over IPv6

NFS over IPv6 is supported for both client and server.

OpenSSH version 3.9p1

The OpenSSH protocol suite has been upgraded to version 3.9p1.

Motif version 2.1.32

Motif 2.1.20 has been upgraded to Motif 2.1.32. This version is a bug fix and compatibility update.

New cpuset_tobind systune parameter

A new system tuneable variable, cpuset_tobind, has been added. This variable limits how the runon command and the sysmp system call with MP_MUSTRUN command can be used. Setting this variable to 1 indicates that for a thread to bind to a CPU using runon, sysmp MP_MUSTRUN, or a related operation, the CPU must be restricted, isolated, or part of a cpuset.

New parameters to manage highest available file descriptor

New boolean system tuneable parameters rlimit_nofile_cur_clamps_setrlimit and rlimit_nofile_cur_clamps_fdhi have been added. The rlimit_nofile_cur_clamps_setrlimit variable controls the behavior of the setrlimit and setrlimit64 system calls. A call to setrlimit with a value above the(RLIMIT_NOFILE, &rlimit) where rlimit.rlim_cur will result in leaving open file descriptors with values above the new limit will result in a return of EINVAL.

The rlimit_nofile_cur_clamps_fdhi variable affects the behavior of the getdtablehi system call. In this case if there are open file descriptors with values above the current process limit, then the current process limit is returned.

In addition to the new system tuning variables, the F_CLOSEM command has been added to the fcntl system call. The F_CLOSEM command will close all file descriptors greater than or equal to the file descriptor number supplied by the caller.

PAM authentication support for SUNOS C2 security NIS master server

User authentication using PAM now supports IRIX as a client of Sun NIS master servers with C2 security using passwd.adjunct NIS maps. pam_tally module added for login tallying

The pam_tally module can be used to maintain a count of unsuccessful login attempts and deny access if a threshold is reached.

Next release

IRIX 6.5.28

Previous release

IRIX 6.5.26

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