IRIX 6.5.28

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Expanded support for diskless workstation The diskless workstation feature is now supported with the following systems:

  • Regular SGI Origin 300/350/3000 servers
  • IP35 machines with KONA graphics
  • IP35 machines with VOYAGER graphics
  • IP35 machines with ODYSSEY graphics, supported prior to this release.

Increased maximum allocation group size in XFS filesystems XFS filesystems support a maximum allocation group size of up to 1 terabyte. This requires that you use the -d largeag option of the mkfs command.

Directory quotas

Quotas may be set on a per-directory basis. This provides a quota for all files and subdirectories starting at any given directory.

Audit logs

An audit record is now added to the audit log when a user logs in or logs out from ftp.

Improved netgather script

The netgather script now collects additional NFS information about mounted filesystems that can aid in customer support.

Symbolic links in AutoFS filesystems

Support for symbolic links has been added to the AutoFS filesystem. This enhancement allows users to avoid using LoFS filesystems for accessing directories on the local host via autofs mounts.

ISO 9660 filesystem support for large filesystems

Support for ISO 9660 filesystems larger then 2GB is now available.

Failsoft support

The IRIX 6.5.28 release supports Failsoft modes of operation. With the incorporation of Failsoft operation modes, certain fatal hardware errors are able to be confined, affecting only the work running in a cpuset, and therefore do not result in system crash. The running job on the affected cpuset is suspended, and no further work is allowed to be submitted to the cpuset. The other cpus within the cpuset are released from the cpuset to be rescheduled by the system to continue doing useful work.

The failed CPU is held in an isolated, unusable state pending administrative action to remedy. This feature does not require any user or administrative intervention to take effect.

Next release

IRIX 6.5.29

Previous release

IRIX 6.5.27

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