IRIX 6.5.29

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New xfs_quota command

IRIX 6.5.29 includes a new xfs_quota command that allows you to manage the use of quotas on an XFS filesystem.

New extsize option for xfs_io command

The xfs_io command includes an extsize option that allows you to display and/or modify the preferred extent size used when allocating space for the currently open file.

rpc.mount no longer reports nohide entries

rpc.mount does not report exported entries marked as nohide if they correspond to the root of the mounted filesystem. To return to the behavior of earlier releases, use the -C option to rpc.mountd. The exportfs command will check whether the nohide option is used to export a directory that is not a root of a filesystem and issue a warning; the option will be ignored.

Ability to store inode's parents in xfs filesystem added

The mkfs_xfs command includes a parent= option that allows you to specify that links to the inode's parents and associated directory entry names are stored. This feature is off by default. This option can be used to map inodes to paths without requiring the search of directories to find the inode.

xfs_io command

In IRIX 6.5.29, the xfs_io command includes the parent option that prints out the parent inode numbers, inode generation numbers and basenames of all the hardlinks which point to the inode of the current file.

New extended inline allocation policy version on XFS filesystems

A new version of extended attribute inline allocation policy uses a more efficient algorithm for managing the available inline inode space.

filestreams mount option

IRIX 6.5.29 includes the new 'filestreams' mount option, which changes the behavior of the XFS allocator in order to optimize disk layout for workloads that issue a stream of file creations into a directory.

Next release

IRIX 6.5.30

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IRIX 6.5.28

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