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The new hardware features implemented by IRIX 6.5.4m are:

  • 270 Mhz processor for Silicon Graphics® O2® and Silicon Graphics® Octane®
  • HDTV XIO Board for Silicon Graphics® Onyx2™, SGI™ Origin® 2000

The software enhancements delivered by IRIX 6.5.4m are:

  • Support for the Miser queue repack policy. When a job finishes execution prior to the end of its schedule, the system resources it was using are released. This policy attempts to reschedule the jobs using earlier start and end times in order to take advantage of these released system resources. The order of the scheduled jobs will be maintained. This feature can be used by all Miser users running IRIX 6.5.4m or f.
  • For more information, see the miser(4) and miser(5) man pages, and the IRIX Admin:
    • System Configuration and Operation, Chapter 7 "Managing User Processes."
  • Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) Client for accessing shared resources in distributed computing DCE/DFS serving environments.
    • Kernel libraries only
    • Requires installation of DCE/DFS 1.2.2a software for full functionality
  • Included in the IRIX 6.5.4 release package is an update to the layered applications. The Applications CD includes changes to the following software:
    • Upgrade to Netscape Communicator 4.51
    • CosmoPlayer 2.1 release
    • SGImeeting Collaboration Environment, 1.1, Net-based data-conferencing, application-sharing software (SGImeeting Collaboration Environment, 1.0 was added in 6.5.2)
    • SGImeeting Extensions, 1.1, offer additional whiteboard tools as "plugins" that appear on the whiteboard tool palette. These tools are ideal for group discussions in CAD and image intensive industries. A 90-day evaluation license is included. The following extensions are available:
    • A screen capture tool for dynamic or still whiteboard input
    • A video capture tool for dynamic or still whiteboard input
    • Customizable arrows and dimension markers for easy discussion pointing
    • Symbol palette for drag and drop images
    • SmartClear for clearing annotations when captured images update
    • WebViewer Library Execution only Environment 3.2 release

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