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IRIX 6.5.6

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Software Enhancements Delivered by IRIX 6.5.6m

Support for a multithreaded version of the automatic filesystem mount daemon autofsd. This enhanced functionality allows for simultaneous multiple automounts. If a particular server for an automounted filesystem is not running or is slow to respond, one autofsd thread can wait for that server while other autofsd threads mount filesystems from other servers. This capability improves the automount performance and simultaneously provides longer wait times for downed servers, which should lead to a decrease in automount failures.

Software Enhancements Delivered by IRIX 6.5.6f

IRIX 6.5.6f contains all enhancements delivered in 6.5.6m

Support for the Scheduled Transfers (ST) protocol. The ST protocol is an ANSI Standard level two through four protocol suite designed to support extremely high performance data movement. ST provides a socket-based interface to applications, which lets you directly port the existing networking applications to ST. ST also supports the OS Bypass mode of operation, which allows smaller messages to be sent and received with extremely low latencies. In this initial release of ST, only the Gigabyte System Network (GSN) network adapter is supported.

Support for the CXFS product, which provides a cluster file system that allows file sharing between machines. CXFS includes the following capabilities:

High resiliency and availability Reduced storage costs Scalable high performance The 6.5.7 release contains metadata server recovery. See the CXFS Software Installation and Administration Guide for the administrative shutdown procedures and additional troubleshooting information.

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