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IRIX NetWorker 4.2 from Silicon Graphics provides backup and archive storage management services for heterogeneous system networks. It reliably protects all local and network data, including extended file attributes such as security information, user profiles, and access control lists. IRIX NetWorker is so reliable, Silicon Graphics uses it to protect valuable information critical for everyday operations. Silicon Graphics is committed to developing and enhancing this product to maintain a competitive edge.Whether your work group is large or small, IRIX NetWorker can be configured to meet your needs.

IRIX NetWorker 4.2 is a highly scalable, full- featured storage management tool for data backup and recovery. Use IRIX NetWorker to back up data on Silicon Graphics CHALLENGE, POWER CHALLENGE(TM), SGI Origin 200, and SGI Origin 2000 servers, or use the servers' enormous I/O capabilities to manage backups for all your network workstations and file servers. IRIX NetWorker 4.2 provides network backup support for all major UNIX systems, PC desktops, NetWare(TM) servers, Windows NT systems, and Apple Macintosh systems.

IRIX NetWorker 4.2 is "archive-ready." With the Archive option, IRIX NetWorker 4.2 delivers data archival and retrieval services to networked clients.

High-Performance Options

The optional Database Module for Oracle (DMO) extends the IRIX NetWorker native scheduling and media management services to the Oracle7(TM) Enterprise Backup Utility (EBU) to provide high- performance, on-line data protection for Oracle7 databases.

The IRIX NetWorker Performance Pak option lets you make full use of high-speed tape devices, including IBM 3590 and Ampex DST-310. This option increases the limit of your on-line indices to 4GB or more per client, delivering a solution that vastly speeds backup of large files and filesystems.

Reliable Design

The IRIX NetWorker design is based on the previous Legato family of easy-to-use, enterprise-strength storage management applications. IRIX NetWorker provides the same customer benefits plus several additional product features that make it ideal for users with larger server or network client backup needs.

Easy, Efficient Data Administration

  • Single, uniform point of administration for configuring, scheduling, or monitoring network-wide backups
  • Daily automated reporting and event notification
  • On-screen index browsing enables specific selection of files and file directories for recovery
  • Intuitive on-screen index browser and scheduler provide simple, quick backup and recovery, saving administration time
  • Universal client connections take advantage of multiple data management services authorized by the server
  • Offers interoperable support for multiple UNIX, PC, NetWare, Windows NT, and Macintosh platforms
  • Save Set recovery simplifies and reduces the time required to recover large data sets

Fully Unattended Backup and Reliable Protection

  • Supports a wide range of robotic autochangers
  • Automates tape management
  • Supports autochanger barcodes; electronic labeling dramatically reduces the time for media inventory functions and operator intervention
  • Protects individual files and directories
  • Creates and tracks multiple copies of backup data for redundancy and security with the Save Set cloning feature

Superior Performance and Scalability

  • Parallel backup allows multiple servers and clients to simultaneously send files to media
  • Parallel recovery allows multiple data streams to be simultaneously recovered from media
  • Concurrent device support allows simultaneous backup to and recovery from multiple storage devices
  • Client-side data compression reduces server load and network traffic
  • Client/server architecture allows for easy integration of new systems and advanced data management applications such as archive and live database backup

IRIX NetWorker 4.2 offers a suite of data management applications and tools that work seamlessly and transparently across a wide variety of network platforms, operating systems, and storage devices. IRIX NetWorker 4.2 has a modular design, making desired functionalities available as needed. The following product and option descriptions explain the storage management functionality required for meeting your organization's needs.

IRIX NetWorker 4.2 Server Edition and Network Edition

The IRIX NetWorker 4.2 server edition provides backup and recovery for single CHALLENGE, POWER CHALLENGE, Origin200, or Origin2000 servers. The server edition, which manages up to 32 parallel backup/recover sessions, is well-suited for large work group and department servers. Support is also provided for concurrent devices simultaneously using up to 16 backup devices. Systems running the server edition can be expanded to include archiving and tape autochangers by purchasing the appropriate options.

The IRIX NetWorker 4.2 network edition includes all the capabilities of the server edition and extends these to networked clients. The network edition is preconfigured to support 10 client connections and includes client software to protect IRIX(TM) 5.x and 6.x systems. The network edition includes all the benefits of the server edition and allows users to add client connections and expand coverage to multiple platforms.

IRIX NetWorker 4.2 Options

IRIX NetWorker 4.2 software options provide users with greater performance and capacity with increased functionality. The following options are supported on both the server edition and the network edition:

Autochanger Software Module Options

Autochanger Software Module options manage many new tape stackers, robotic libraries, and jukeboxes, enabling hands-free, automated tape backup and recovery. Support for each type of device is based on the number of tape cartridge slots that the Autochanger Software Module manages. Seven new Autochanger Software Module options are now available with IRIX NetWorker.

Autochanger Software Module

  • Support for autochangers with up to 8 slots
  • Support for autochangers with up to 16 slots
  • Support for autochangers with up to 32 slots
  • Support for autochangers with up to 64 slots
  • Support for autochangers with up to 128 slots
  • Support for autochangers with up to 256 slots
  • Support for autochangers with more than 256 slots


PerformancePak contains several enhancements to IRIX NetWorker 4.2 that will be useful to enterprise servers. PerformancePak provides 4GB or more of system on-line index and faster backup of large filesystems by introducing multiple streams from a single filesystem. Advanced tuning allows you to take full advantage of high-speed tape devices such as IBM 3590 and Ampex DST-310. This in turn leads to faster backup especially when dealing with large amounts of data.

Database Module for Oracle (DMO)

DMO delivers on-line data protection for Oracle7 UNIX databases by providing a seamless connection to the Oracle7 Enterprise Backup Utility (EBU). The Database Module and EBU integrate backup and recovery services for Oracle tablespaces, data files, control files, parameter files, and archive redo logs into the comprehensive, enterprise-strength IRIX NetWorker storage management solution.

All IRIX NetWorker features such as automated backup scheduling, autochanger support, media handling, network backup, and centralized administration are extended to live database backup through DMO.

IRIX NetWorker Archive Option

IRIX NetWorker Archive enables an IRIX NetWorker 4.2 server to deliver advanced data management services across the network.

IRIX NetWorker Archive delivers data archival and retrieval services to authorized network clients. All IRIX NetWorker features previously available to support network backup and recovery, such as heterogeneous platform support, interoperable media format support, high performance, centralized administration, and graphical user interfaces, are extended to data archival and retrieval services. IRIX NetWorker Archive offers data archiving, retrieval, verification, and cloning in addition to archive media management. Data archiving is the process of taking a snapshot of a group of files or directories as they reside on disk at a given point in time. Once the snapshot is safely stored on removable media, the files can be deleted to conserve on-line disk space. The primary goal of archiving is to conserve on-line disk storage space while ensuring that the data stored on the archive media is safe and easily retrievable.

A unique feature of IRIX NetWorker Archive is that data archiving can be initiated either by users or system administrators and can be scheduled or performed on an ad-hoc basis. As part of the archive operation, users can write annotations to easily identify the archive sets. Users can also create archive "clones," extra copies of their archives. After the archive is complete, the set of cloned files can be deleted from the client system by the grooming process.

The following two options are available for the network edition:

Client Connection

Client Connection protects files on the local disks of networked client systems by performing scheduled or ad-hoc backups, recoveries, and other data management services authorized by the IRIX NetWorker 4.2 server. IRIX NetWorker 4.2 with Client Connection has the power to provide network backup support for up to 1,000 clients per server.

Increasing the number of network clients to be protected is easy. Three Client Connection options for adding five, 25, or 100 clients are available. These options can be added in any combination at any time.

All Client Connection options are "archive-ready." When the Archive option is installed on an IRIX NetWorker 4.2 server, the network clients with licensed Client Connection are now both backup and archive clients.


All Client Connection options are set up to support Silicon Graphics workstations and servers by default. The ClientPak options convert Client Connections to provide backup and archive support for workstations and servers from other vendors. Five ClientPak options are now available with IRIX NetWorker 4.2. These options offer more support for a variety of popular UNIX, PC, and NetWare platforms, as well as for Windows NT and Macintosh systems.

supported tape drives:

  • Silicon Graphics 2GB 4mm (2G)
  • Silicon Graphics 4GB 4mm (4G)
  • HP C1533A 4mm (4G)
  • Exabyte 8200 8mm (2.3G)
  • Exabyte 8500 8mm (5G)
  • Exabyte 8505 8mm (5G)
  • Exabyte 8505XL 8mm (7G)
  • IBM 3590 (10G)
  • Silicon Graphics DLT2000 (10G)
  • Quantum DLT2000XT (15G)
  • Quantum DLT4000 (20G)

autochangers supported:

  • Breece-Hill Q7
  • Breece-Hill Q47
  • Exabyte 10i
  • Exabyte 10e
  • Exabyte 10h
  • Exabyte 210
  • Exabyte 440
  • Exabyte 480
  • HP C1553A
  • STK 9704 DataWheel
  • STK 9708 DataWheel
  • STK 9710
  • STK 9711 DataWheel
  • STK 9714
  • ATL/Odetics 2640
  • Silicon Graphics DLT2700
  • Spectra Logic SL-4000
  • Qualstar TLS-4210
  • IBM 3590 ACF
  • Quantum DLT2500XT
  • Quantum DLT2700XT
  • Quantum DLT4500

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