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ISOCOR Global Directory Server

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This release adds native LDAPv3 support for ISOCOR's Global Directory Server meta-directory product which is designed to store, manage and update mission-critical directory information. It serves the expanding needs of telecommunications providers, companies and government agencies who want to manage their mission-critical intranet/extranet applications from a distributed information repository by providing a single secure view of distributed data from multiple directory sources. With LDAPv3, ISOCOR's GDS product will be compatible with most of the popular client applications that use LDAP features including Outlook Express, Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. ISOCOR has also closely aligned its independent LDAPv3 implementation with the Basic LDAP Interoperability Test Suite (BLITS) profiles defined by the Internet Mail Consortium. GDS v2.1 combines LDAP with a 1993 X.500 Directory System Agent for storing, accessing, managing and updating important directory information. Its multi-protocol directory capability can be used by messaging, EDI and other business applications for address books, telephone directories, personnel information, security certificates, and e-mail systems routing and configuration information. Also includes an optional ODBC database connector for accessing relational databases.