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iSyndicate is the Internet's first true content marketplace. We provide the software and systems to help our content partners drive traffic to their sites and develop new revenue streams. Our customers are leading relationship marketers and web destinations who use syndicated content to become "information hubs" for their users. These "hubs" are the first stage in building dynamic communities and closer customer relationships.

iSyndicate is the second Internet start-up for President & CEO Joel Maske. Joel was co-founder of Pittsburgh-based GALT Technologies, Inc. GALT successfully launched the web's leading personal finance service, NETworth in June 1994 and was later acquired by Intuit in November 1995. At GALT, Joel and his team pioneered the methods for integrating content from independent third-parties and corporate sponsors to create full service electronic "marketspaces."

iSyndicate was founded in November 1996 as NetEvents, Inc. to turn the successful strategies developed at GALT into a completely integrated content delivery service. iSyndicate is managed by a team of web-savvy entrepreneurs with operating experience at Intuit, GALT, Oracle, I/Pro, Informix, Autodesk, Adobe and Aldus.

At iSyndicate, we believe the foundation for all successful Web efforts is content - dynamic, relevant, easy to manage and integrate. The core of iSyndicate's mission is to take any digital element that currently exists, will exist or could exist on the Internet, and make it available to a much wider audience.

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Paid! iSyndicate provides content creators with maximum exposure to help build their brands, and increase their traffic and revenues. Whether you're a web content creator or traditional media publisher, old media or new media, you can leverage the experience, expertise and services only iSyndicate can offer to deliver your content to a wider, more global audience.

iSyndicate has developed sophisticated technology that enables it to collect information from virtually any online media in most languages, organize this content into a comprehensive information database, and distribute it on the Web pages of its worldwide syndicated network. Hundreds of leading news and information providers rely on iSyndicate to transmit their continuously updated content to Web sites around the world on a 24/7 basis.

iSyndicate's website redirected to YellowBrix starting around 2002 after being acquired.