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IXMICRO Launches Array of High-Performance Products - 06/1999

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June 14, 1999, San Jose, CA - IXMICRO, a leading global supplier of Macintosh and PC peripherals, today announced a new portfolio of flagship products. With a reputation for delivering best-of-breed products that break new ground upon announcement, IXMICRO once again steps up to the plate with the ix3D Dual Monitor, ix3D Game Rocket and ixTV FM cards.

ix3D Dual Monitor Card

Aimed at the serious graphics professional, IXMICRO's ix3D Dual Monitor Card is exclusive throughout the microcomputer industry in its ability to deliver the functionality of two independent desktops-driving two monitors to millions of colors while running at extreme resolutions. Finely tuned with 8MB of true multi-ported VRAM to maximize performance, this innovative card supports high-resolution productivity applications like Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXpress and Adobe Illustrator, without sacrificing an extra slot, and delivers industry-leading 2D acceleration with 3D support. Dual Monitor sets the standard for the extreme demands of pre-press professionals.

ix3D Game Rocket

Powered by the 3Dfx VooDoo Banshee chipset, ix3D Game Rocket is designed to meet the demands of the most intense gamers. With 16MB SGRAM and support for Glide and RAVE this card covers all the bases, while providing extreme resolutions and refresh rates. When benchmarked against the industry's volume leader, Game Rocket ran Unreal, Tomb Raider II and other 3D games dramatically faster without the irritating blurred motion effects. Bundled with demo versions of the hottest new games, this card is a must-have for serious Mac gamers.

ixTV FM for Mac and PC

IXMICRO's new top-of-the-line TV board offers the ability to view live TV and video at 30 frames per second, capture digital movies to QuickTime or AVI files or grab still images with the simple click of the mouse. Add a camcorder or RGB camera and your system is now a high-quality video conferencing station. Full stereo support for FM radio broadcasts and the ability to play console games enables users to convert their systems into powerful, multi-function devices.

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