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I Ching Connexion

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The I Ching Connexion is an ever-changing but always consistently interlocking graphic representation of the way the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching interrelate. As such it is the key to widen and deepen the interpretation of the outcome of a divination. It features the translation James Legge made (published in 1882, England) of the Imperial Edition of the I (published in 1715, China). This alone makes the program useful for anyone interested in the I Ching. Besides that it adds two radical views to the ancient Book of Changes: the Connexion and the Mediator. It also features an I Ching clock, a presentation of the link between the I Ching and astrology. And it allows you to calculate your natal hexagram. The I Ching Connexion requires a Macintosh with System 7.0 or later, 32-bit Color Quickdraw and at least 256 colors or grays. It's optimised for both PowerPC and 680x0 Macs (FAT application).