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Indigo Magic Desktop

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The Indigo Magic Desktop (IMD) made its premiere in 1993 on the Silicon Graphics Indy workstation with the release of IRIX 5.1. It was the default Desktop Environment for IRIX in versions 5.1 - 6.4, and provides the interface that is used in the day-to-day graphical operation of the IRIX Operating System. The Indigo Magic Desktop consists of the following components:

  • IRIX 4Dwm
  • Toolchest
  • Session Management
  • Desks Overview
  • File Manager
  • Tape Tool
  • Icon Catalog
  • Search Tool
  • Customization Panels
  • Background Management
  • File Alteration Monitor.


The Indigo Magic Desktop was succeeded in 1998 by the IRIX Interactive Desktop released with IRIX 6.5.


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