InfiniteReality: Graphic System Diagnostics with irsaudit

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Diagnosing InfiniteReality Graphics with irsaudit

The graphics sub-system of the Onyx2 or Onyx3 (GE, RM and DG boards) can be tested using the irsaudit command.

Run irsaudit from a terminal connection or a remote shell - irsaudit will not run if the X server on the system to be tested is loaded (irsaudit needs to directly control the graphics hardware). If the X server is running running, it can be stopped with:


To run all standard tests:


adding the PIPE=n option (where n is the pipe number you want to test) allows selection of a specific graphics pipe on multi-pipe systems.

If your terminal or remote connection supports the display of colored text, irsaudit will color code the results to make it easy to scan for problems. The color codes are: green=pass, yellow=unresolved, and red=fail.

To conduct more exhaustive testing, multiple passes can be specified by use of the "REPEAT" modifier:

   /usr/diags/IR/bin/irsaudit REPEAT=5

The example above would result in 5 passes of all of the standard irsaudit tests, see the irsaudit man page or help file for other variations of the standard test format.

To run all tests even if one fails, use the -continue option:

   /usr/diags/IR/bin/irsaudit -continue

This will run all tests, by default irsaudit will stop tests upon the first failure.

Once testing has been completed, the X server can be restarted with:


Additional References

For further details, a see the irsaudit manual page (on systems with InfiniteReality graphics installed and IRIX 6.5.x loaded),

   % man irsaudit 

or query irsaudit for help:

   /usr/diags/IR/bin/irsaudit -help

Watch a video of irsaudit running on an infinitereality IP25: