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Infoseek Corporation is dedicated to making information easy to find. The company's services benefit all Internet users, whether they are casual World Wide Web surfers or business professionals whose jobs depend on up-to-date market information.

By capitalizing on the public's increasing access to the Internet and the availability of information online, Infoseek has pioneered a revolutionary way of accessing information. Infoseek's services feature rich content collections and powerful search technology that allow users to find precisely the information they need quickly and easily.

Infoseek's search and news services are among the most popular information search services available on the Internet, processing millions of information requests a day. Infoseek is increasingly becoming the first stop on the Internet.

History and mission

Infoseek Corporation was founded in January of 1994 by Steven Kirsch, founder of Frame Technology and Mouse Systems, and an experienced team of professionals from the high tech industry. The Infoseek team envisioned an innovative way to meet information needs using the Internet and systematically built an organization to implement that vision effectively and efficiently. Infoseek's business relies on three core elements which comprise the company's mission: rich and relevant content, powerful and easy-to-use search technology, and customer service.

Rich and relevant content

Infoseek knows that people want quality information that is useful to them. With this is mind, Infoseek strives to maintain a rich and relevant content collection on the Web today. Infoseek's World Wide Web index is fresh and thorough, taking advantage of the vast and dynamic nature of the Web. Infoseek also works closely with corporate librarians and heavy users of information to identify the most pressing types of information necessary for success in their careers. Infoseek makes that information available online through content collections customized for individuals through Infoseek's personalized news service.

Powerful and easy-to-use search technology

Infoseek ensures that users take full advantage of the breadth and depth of its content by providing powerful and easy-to-use tools to help them find exactly the information they need. Infoseek's Internet navigational services have been recognized throughout the industry for their quality and ease of use. Recent awards include "Number One Rated Search Engine" (PC Computing), "Best of the Test" (Internet World), "MVP: Internet Tools (PC Computing) and "Top 100: Editor's Choice (Home PC).

Infoseek's search technology provides "pinpoint search precision" while being remarkably easy-to-use. This technology underlies all of Infoseek's products. Infoseek is the first Internet navigation tool that fully integrates this type of search precision with basic browse capabilities to help users navigate through the Internet. Infoseek remains committed to staying on the leading edge of search technology innovation and applying it in future products. Ultraseek, Infoseek's most recent new service, offers next-generation search technology. Ultraseek is designed to provide Internet users with fast, accurate results. It also features the first virtually real-time search technology ensuring that users are always getting the most up-to-date information available. Ultraseek will power Infoseek's future navigation products and services.

Customer service

Infoseek is not a search engine. It is a service organization that provides convenient access to information over the Internet. In line with this mission, the company's infrastructure--both the computing and the human--is dedicated to providing the best possible service to users. Infoseek has invested heavily in computing and communications hardware to provide reliable and speedy access to its services. Infoseek has a dedicated T3 line with its services running on multiple processors provided by Sun Microsystems. Infoseek customers also have quick and easy access to customer support either online or by phone. Infoseek has an established team of trained customer representatives that respond to hundreds of comments and questions each day.

Business Model

As a commercial pioneer on the Internet, Infoseek has paved the way for numerous other companies that are now trying to imitate Infoseek's successful business model. Infoseek primarily relies on two revenue streams generated from its products.

Infoseek's free Internet search and news services are supported solely by advertising revenue. Infoseek has received national acclaim in the advertising community for its pioneering role in online advertising. Infoseek introduced the first CPM (cost per thousand) model on the Internet, transferring the established readership-based pricing model from the print publications industry. Infoseek also delivered the first qualification model on the Internet, allowing advertisers to tie their ads to particular search terms and target their message to the appropriate audience.

Infoseek Corporation, based in Sunnyvale, CA, completed its IPO in June 1996. The company's shares are traded on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol SEEK.