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Inktomi Announces Suite of New Search Engine Services - 02/1999

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SAN MATEO, Calif., February 10, 1999 -- Inktomi Corp. (NASDAQ: INKT), developer of scalable Internet infrastructure software, today announced a suite of new customizable services for its industry-leading search engine offering. Using new premium services running on the Inktomi Search Engine platform including "Dedicated Search Clusters" and "Custom Data Blending," portals and destination sites can offer highly differentiated new capabilities incorporating their own custom data and communities. In addition, Inktomi has signed a service distribution agreement with WorldBlaze to deliver real-time language translation services on top of the Inktomi search platform, adding to last month's distribution agreement with Centraal for its RealNames system.

The Inktomi Search Engine, which has received broad acclaim for delivering comprehensive and highly accurate Internet search results, has also added new features to strengthen its core search technology. Search customers will gain access to new "Universal Search" capabilities, which provide portal customers with the flexibility to incorporate multiple public and private data sources into searches. Universal Search intelligently blends Web data, custom data, and a collection of new search data sources covering news, company, and product information into a single page of search results.

"Our customers are looking for more than high-powered Web searching," said Paul Gauthier, chief technology officer of Inktomi. "Inktomi's flexible infrastructure services help these companies draw upon their unique differentiating assets to innovate and develop new revenue-generating services."

Using these new infrastructure elements, portals and destination sites can incorporate millions of pages of their own unique content to enhance existing general-purpose Web searching and create a new generation of specialized, targeted, and vertical search engines. The new search services include the following features:

  • Dedicated Search Clusters. Inktomi now has the capability to build dedicated search clusters, allowing custom searching of any data. For example, portals can integrate millions of pages of their own content or specified third-party content into the search experience, and the data can be refreshed daily or hourly. Customers that use this functionality include GeoCities, which offers search access to over 20 million of its 'Homesteader' Web pages, ICQ, a subsidiary of America Online, Inc., which is providing search access to content created by its 28 million registrants, and Aeneid Corporation, which has created highly-focused vertical business catalogs as part of its information aggregation platform.
  • Custom Data Blending. The new search service offers the capability to integrate customer data sets into Inktomi's whole-Web search offering, enabling a wide variety of custom searches. Customers for this functionality include N2H2, which has integrated its adult content filters to create the Searchopolis family-safe search service, and iAtlas Corporation, which recently announced an agreement with Inktomi to provide search sites with web-page filtering technology that allows users to focus their searches by industry type, company size, site popularity, or geographic location.
  • New Search Data Sources. Inktomi search customers will also gain integrated access to an expanded set of search databases using Universal Search. These new data sources can be offered as standalone search applications or transparently integrated within standard Web search results to dramatically increase the convenience and relevance of queries. New data sources include news data from 50 of the world's top news authorities, stock data incorporating ticker symbol lookup and stock quotes from the world's ten largest financial markets, product data from the upcoming Inktomi Shopping Engine, and Centraal RealNames.


Dedicated Search Clusters and Custom Data Blending are available immediately. Universal Search and new search data sources are scheduled for availability in late February. New services incorporating Centraal and WorldBlaze functionality are scheduled for availability during the first half of the year.