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Inktomi Announces Traffic Server 3.0 - 04/1999

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San Mateo, Calif., April 26, 1999-Inktomi Corp. (NASDAQ: INKT), developer of scalable Internet infrastructure software, today unveiled the new version of its carrier-class network cache platform, Traffic Server 3.0. Inktomi Traffic Server 3.0 delivers the combination of proven scalability with the industry's first open cache platform and robust APIs (Application Programming Interface) for delivering value-added services within the network infrastructure. Inktomi also announced new alliances with six Internet software providers to deliver services on the Traffic Server platform: Arepa, Network Computer, Inc., NetPartners, Sandpiper, Spyglass, and WebSpective.

In addition, Traffic Server 3.0 extends platform support to two new operating systems, Intel Architecture Windows® NT and FreeBSD.

The new version of Traffic Server, scheduled for availability this quarter, delivers a greatly expanded value proposition for network caching. In addition to the traditional benefits of faster information access and lower bandwidth costs, Traffic Server 3.0 and Inktomi's platform partners now enable a broad range of strategic new services that Internet providers can offer their customers to generate loyalty and additional revenue. Examples of these new services include advanced media streaming, distributed web hosting and content distribution, interactive applications and software-on-demand, content filtering, and content transformation for Internet devices such as set-top boxes and Web phones.

According to Greg Howard, principal analyst at the HTRC Group, "In the same way that telephone companies have added revenue-generating services like voicemail, call forwarding, and three-way calling, Internet access and hosting providers can now differentiate with advanced IP services on the Traffic Server platform."

Network caches are transparently embedded in the network infrastructure, and interact with nearly all data flows in the network. For this reason, Traffic Server 3.0 has been designed with flexible and high-performance APIs that enable third-party software application developers and Inktomi customers to access these data flows and easily integrate the functionality of their products on the same computers as the caching application. Many of the world's largest Internet providers have already adopted the Traffic Server platform, creating a market opportunity for these software developers.

"The Inktomi team continues to drive innovation in network caching technology, including performance, scalability, support for new protocols and data types, and now new services based on the Traffic Server platform," said Dennis McEvoy, vice president of development and support at Inktomi. "Traffic Server version 3.0 delivers on our strategy to help Internet providers scale up their operations and add differentiated capabilities in a competitive marketplace."

New services enabled by Traffic Server 3.0 and Inktomi's platform partners include:

World's first streaming media caching

  • RealNetworks' RealSystem G2 media delivery technology is tightly integrated into the Traffic Server platform. The previously announced Traffic Server Media Cache Option represents the first and only streaming media cache available today. By extending caching support to RealAudio, RealVideo, and other RealMedia datatypes, the Media Cache Option reduces bandwidth costs and improves the end-user experience for live and on-demand audio, video, and multimedia presentations. It also mitigates traffic spikes that can result when many users access breaking news events or popular new content, allowing larger audiences to be reached. Combining RealNetworks' expertise in streaming media with Inktomi's expertise in network caching technology, the co-developed solution reduces bandwidth and infrastructure costs for service providers and provides a more compelling experience for their customers.

Advanced web hosting and content distribution services

Traffic Server 3.0 now includes support from two leading content distribution providers:

  • Sandpiper Networks has built the Internet's first Content Delivery Network (CDN) - a globally distributed and fault-tolerant-network of content servers. Sandpiper's initial service offering, Footprint, lets web publishers leverage this new distribution platform to serve their content quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively. Integrating Traffic Server into Footprint will enhance performance, scalability, and the ability to deploy new services (i.e. streaming media). Footprint migrates content to hundreds of servers located throughout the Internet, serving content closer to end-users and intelligently avoiding Internet congestion. Sandpiper's patent pending Adaptive Content Distribution(tm) (ACD) technology provides the ability to dynamically adapt to changing network conditions, shifts in content popularity, and traffic fluctuations.
  • WebSpective's content distribution software works with Traffic Server to synchronize content updates across Web servers, mirror servers, and distributed caches, enabling explicit controls for content synchronization and centralized management capability. The combined solution allows Web hosting providers to deliver value-added services to their customers such as distributed caching, replication, and mirroring.

Interactive applications and "software on demand"

  • Arepa, Inc. has built the first broadband software platform enabling online delivery of software and high-bandwidth content, and is integrating this technology with the Inktomi Traffic Server platform. This new solution eliminates the need for multimedia or application software to be downloaded and stored on a PC hard drive. Instead, Arepa gives consumers instant click-and-play access through broadband networks to content that has traditionally been delivered via CD-ROM, sending the appropriate files as needed in real time from the end user's local Traffic Server.

Internet content filtering

  • NetPartners/Internet Solutions' WebSENSE offers Internet content filtering and management of Web traffic passing through the Traffic Server cache platform. Specific services offered through WebSENSE include logging, management, blocking and filtering of Internet access, access reporting, and Internet policy enforcement. Traffic Server not only provides a platform for the WebSENSE services to operate, but also increases the scalability and security of the solution.

Content transformation and support for Internet devices

  • Network Computer, Inc. (NCI) provides software that connects information appliances to new interactive services. Examples include Electronic Programming Guides, e-commerce, e-mail, home banking, telephony, and personalized news and information. Through these services, network administrators are able to increase revenue and customer loyalty by offering subscribers more control, choice and convenience, and community. NCI's server software, NCI Connect(tm) operates with Traffic Server to provide the service management platform that enables operators to deliver these services efficiently to their subscribers. NCI Connect manages the key assets of the information appliance service including the subscribers, devices, and applications while Traffic Server provides a scalable platform to optimize traffic flows and support the high-performance delivery of these services.
  • Spyglass Prism for Traffic Server is a content transformation solution that takes richly formatted Web content and dynamically adapts it to match the capabilities of various devices such as cellular phones, handheld and palm-size PCs, interactive television set-top boxes and laptop computers with wireless modems. The application is designed to enable wireless service providers, ISPs, multiple system operators, and content providers to deliver faster access and optimal presentation of Internet content to users of Internet appliances. The solution fully utilizes Traffic Server's caching, administration, system management and logging capabilities, and Spyglass Prism can be distributed over multiple Traffic Servers in a scalable and fault tolerant configuration that expands quickly to meet a growing subscriber base.

About Traffic Server

Inktomi Traffic Server is a carrier-class network cache platform designed to help Internet infrastructure and content providers scale their networks. Traffic Server helps ISPs, backbone networks, and hosting providers deliver enhanced quality of service, increased bandwidth efficiency, and a broad range of value-added services. By leveraging Traffic Server's robust and flexible software APIs, customers and third party software providers can develop sophisticated new services that enhance user loyalty and build strategic differentiation.