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Insignia Solutions

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Insignia Solutions® (Nasdaq: INSGY) is a leading provider of cross-platform compatibility solutions for all enterprise desktops, including UNIX® workstations, Macintosh® computers, PCs, X terminals, network computers, Net PCs and Java desktops. With the company's cross-platform compatibility technology, corporations, small- to medium-sized companies and individual end- users have access to easy-to-use and inexpensive solutions that enable them to run Microsoft® Windows and MS-DOS® applications on different hardware platforms. The company's technology has been specifically developed for Digital, HP, IBM, Motorola, NeXT, Silicon Graphics and Sun/SPARC workstations, X terminals, Java desktops and Apple® Computer's Power Macintosh® and 68K-based computers. With its U.S. headquarters in Santa Clara, California, the company maintains its main research and development facilities in High Wycombe, England. Sales and marketing departments are located in Santa Clara; Woburn, Massachusetts; and High Wycombe. Insignia Solutions employs 230 people worldwide.

Insignia Solutions provides cross-platform compatibility solutions to Fortune 2000 companies, government agencies, educational institutions and SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) markets. The company distributes its products to over 30 countries worldwide. The company also provides solutions to the leading software and hardware manufacturers through its OEM relationships. These relationships include Apple Computer, Digital, HP, IBM, Microsoft, NeXT, Silicon Graphics and Sun.

Insignia Solutions' products are available through the leading software distributors, including Ingram Micro, Tech Data, Merisel and GTSI. Insignia Solutions' educational distributors include NACSCORP and The Stewart Douglas Company. The company maintains a direct sales presence with offices throughout the United States as well as in England, France and Germany. The company also has relationships with key channel partners worldwide. Insignia Solutions manufactures products in many languages including French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and English.

2200 Lawson Lane
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Phone: (408) 327-6000
Fax: (408) 327-6105

High Wycombe Office
Kingsmead Business Park
London Road
High Wycombe
Buckinghamshire HP11 1JU
Phone: 011-44-1494-459426
Fax: 011-44-1494-459720

Woburn Office
400 Unicorn Park Drive
First Floor
Woburn, MA 01801
Phone: (781) 935-7550
Fax: (781) 688-7199 


Insignia Solutions was founded in 1986 to develop technology that enabled users of non-Intel computers to be compatible with PC applications on UNIX platforms. The company’s first product, SoftPC® 1.0 for Sun workstations, was introduced in 1988. Also in 1988, Insignia Solutions shipped its first version of SoftPC for Apple Computer's Macintosh. As the demand to run Windows and MS-DOS applications on non-Intel computers grew, Insignia Solutions signed OEM agreements with several companies including Data General, Digital, Fujitsu, HP, Intergraph Corp., Motorola, Silicon Graphics and Sun Microsystems. These relationships aided in establishing the company’s technological leadership in providing cross-platform compatibility.

May 1991[edit]

Insignia Solutions and Microsoft Corporation entered into a development and technology licensing agreement which enabled Microsoft to provide backward compatibility emulation for the Windows NT® operating system. This allowed Windows NT adopters to protect their investment in MS-DOS and 16-bit Windows applications.

May 1993[edit]

Insignia and Microsoft expanded their relationship with a licensing agreement for Insignia Solutions to receive the source code for Windows. The agreement allowed Insignia Solutions to optimize Microsoft Windows to run on different platforms, ensuring that Insignia Solutions provided the latest version of Windows with its cross-platform compatibility solutions. At the same time, Insignia Solutions received rights to distribute optimized copies of the Windows operating system in its SoftWindows™ products for UNIX workstations and Macintosh computers. The derived products significantly enhanced the performance and compatibility of SoftPC, and provided Insignia Solutions with its next generation product, SoftWindows.

February 1994[edit]

Insignia Solutions and Apple Computer announced that SoftWindows would be bundled on certain configurations of Power Macintosh computers, giving customers the best of both worlds - - the power and ease-of-use of the Macintosh and access to thousands of Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS applications -- in a single purchase.

May 1995[edit]

Insignia Solutions signed Mitsubishi Corporation as its exclusive partner for localization and marketing of Insignia Solutions' Macintosh-based products in Japan.

August 1995[edit]

Insignia Solutions shipped SoftWindows 2.0 for the Power Macintosh with versions in both English and Japanese. SoftWindows 2.0 marked a major leap forward in cross-platform technology by providing support for all Windows and DOS applications on Power Macintosh computers. In August, the company also entered into a strategic relationship with Citrix® Systems, Inc. which enabled Insignia Solutions to license Citrix' WinFrame™ product and include it in Insignia's NTRIGUE™ Windows application server solution.

October 1995[edit]

Insignia Solutions shipped SoftWindows 2.0 for UNIX, allowing UNIX users to also run all Windows and DOS applications on their RISC-based UNIX workstations. Insignia Solutions also received the source code for Windows 95.

November 1995[edit]

Insignia Solutions made a successful initial public offering of 3.6 million shares. The stock is traded on the Nasdaq stock exchange. In addition, the company signed an agreement with Microsoft for the source code for Windows NT.

December 1995[edit]

Insignia Solutions shipped NTRIGUE, its open systems-based client/server solution that leverages the 3-tier client/server architecture prevalent in most enterprises. NTRIGUE is just the first of many undertakings resulting from the partnership Insignia Solutions has with Citrix.

March 1996[edit]

This month marked a number of milestones for Insignia Solutions. The company shipped NTRIGUE for WinFrame, which installs as an add-on to WinFrame from Citrix. The company also signed a Windows 95 operating system distribution license agreement with Microsoft Corporation and shipped SoftWindows 95 for Power Macintosh. As a result of the agreement, Insignia included Windows 95 in its SoftWindows 95 product, the only cross-platform solution to include Windows 95.

June 1996[edit]

Insignia Solutions announced a strategic relationship and technology collaboration with Hewlett- Packard to enable HP to reference sell NTRIGUE, and thereby provide its customers with a Windows NT-based application server solution. Also, Insignia Solutions and HDS™ Network Systems signed an agreement to allow HDS to sell and support NTRIGUE.

August 1996[edit]

Insignia Solutions introduced the first of its Internet products, the NTRIGUE Web Kit, as well as its two Internet clients: NTRIGUE Net Client for Macintosh and NTRIGUE Net Client for UNIX.

September 1996[edit]

SoftWindows 95 for SGI IRIX was announced, enabling users running SGI's IRIX™ 6.2 or 6.3 operating system to run Windows 95 applications on their UNIX workstations. Insignia Solutions also signed a licensing agreement with Microsoft Corporation to license and distribute Microsoft's Internet Explorer software with all of its cross-platform compatibility products.

October 1996[edit]

The company entered into an agreement with Silicon Graphics to bundle Insignia's SoftWindows 95 on SGI's new line of O2™ desktop workstations. Insignia also announced a worldwide agreement with HDS Network Systems in which Insignia would develop an optimized version of NTRIGUE for use with HDS' @workstation. In addition, Insignia signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding with Sun Microsystems to define a set of thin client specifications based on open industry standards including the X Window System and Java. Later in the month, Sun and Insignia unveiled the NTRIGUE X client for Java, allowing Sun's new JavaStation™ network computer to run Windows applications via an NTRIGUE server. And, Motorola Computer Group signed an agreement with Insignia that would enable customers to run Windows 95 applications on Motorola's PowerStack™ II systems in addition to Windows NT 4.0 applications.

December 1996[edit]

Insignia Solutions shipped NTRIGUE 3.0, the fastest and easiest Windows NT application server solution available for delivering Windows applications to all desktops across the enterprise and over the Internet.

January 1997[edit]

Insignia Solutions and Sun Microsystems signed a bundling agreement in which Insignia's NTRIGUE Client for Solaris will be bundled on every Sun SPARCStation™ and UltraSPARC™ workstation. Insignia also showcased its Keoke™ technology which allows Java desktops to access and run Windows applications. The technology is included in the NTRIGUE Client for Java, which is bundled on Sun's JavaStations.

February 1997[edit]

Insignia Solutions restructures its organization worldwide into two business units to focus on the company's NTRIGUE and SoftWindows product lines.

March 1997[edit]

Insignia Solutions shipped SoftWindows 95 for Power Macintosh version 4.0. The new version delivers a performance gain of 30% over the company's previous version, and supports the Pentium instruction set for complete compatibility. The company also shipped version 2.0 of the NTRIGUE Net Client for Macintosh, bringing the full power of Windows NT to all Macintosh desktops.

June 1997[edit]

Insignia Solutions announces major price reductions on SoftWindows 95 for Power Macintosh version 4.0 and SoftWindows 3.0 to expand market reach and extend the lead already held by SoftWindows.

September 1997[edit]

Insignia Solutions releases RealPC for Power Macintosh. RealPC is the easiest and most cost-effective way to run PC games and programs on a Power Macintosh.


Insignia Solutions provides leading technology for cross-platform compatibility. The company has designed products to run Windows and MS-DOS applications on Macintosh and Power Macintosh computers, UNIX workstations, X terminals and network computers.

The company's SoftWindows products have set the standard for cross-platform compatibility in the industry, and are the only cross-platform compatibility solutions to include fully-licensed copies of the Windows operating system. SoftWindows 95 for Power Macintosh includes Microsoft Windows 95 pre-installed; SoftWindows 3.0 for Power Macintosh and SoftWindows 2.0 for UNIX include Microsoft Windows 3.11 and MS-DOS 6.22. SoftWindows and SoftPC include built-in PC network support for Novell NetWare, LAN Manager, Banyan VINES, the ODI standard and TCP/IP. These products emulate a full range of PC devices and systems including COM and LPT ports, floppy drives, memory systems, video displays and CD-ROMs.

Insignia Solutions' NTRIGUE, which includes Citrix Systems, Inc.'s WinFrame product, is the most comprehensive intranet/Internet Windows solution on the market today. NTRIGUE provides companies with an evolutionary path to move to Windows NT or Windows 95 at their own pace by allowing them to use their existing desktop hardware.