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Inso DynaTag

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A module of the DynaText Professional Publishing System, DynaTag converts Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker, and Interleaf files into XML or SGML. DynaTag enables non-programmers to add value to proprietary formats by converting into open, standards-based, structured content. DynaTag includes a GUI, and batch conversion capabilities. DynaText 3.1 parses, indexes, delivers, and searches SGML and XML content. DynaText includes publisher-controlled stylesheets, a stand-alone CD/LAN browser, multiple language support, multiple content views, and broad platform support. The companion DynaWeb server converts SGML or XML content to HTML on- the-fly, converts SGML to XML, or can deliver SGML or XML directly for viewing by Web browsers. DynaWeb is "client-aware" and customizes content for different browsers. DynaBase 2.1's current XML support includes the ability to index, search, and write scripts for use with the new markup language. In Version 3.0 due in Q1 1998, Inso plans to add the ability to import, validate, and store XML components, as well as support for indexing, version control, and edition management of XML content. In DynaBase 3.0, Inso also plans to include support for XML component serving, XML tag-level scripting and, XML tag-level search and retrieval.