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InstallerMaker 6.0

InstallerMaker and its installers require a Macintosh with a 68020 or better processor. InstallerMaker requires System 7.1 or higher and 8 MB of RAM is recommended.

New Features in InstallerMaker 6.0

  • New StuffIt technology provides up to a 15% compression increase
  • PowerPC native for increased speed and performance, cutting build times in half
  • "Try Out Installation Dialog" item on the Packages menu allows developers to test the installation dialogs without having to build and run the installer
  • New Find Task provides easy ability to check for the existence of items on a user's system to make run time installation decisions using Install When conditions
  • StuffIt 5.0 archives can now be expanded in network installers
  • Custom installer icons can be set in the Installer Finder Info Options

New StuffIt Technology

InstallerMaker 6.0 now includes a new StuffIt compression algorithm that compresses installers up to 15% tighter. Increased compression reduces Internet download times for end users, provides added space on CD-ROMs or diskettes for distribution, increases hard disk space for fewer hardware upgrade needs, and increases network bandwidth.


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