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Installing 386MAX/BlueMAX on a Stacker System

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         Installing 386MAX/BlueMAX on a Stacker System

The information below explains how to install Stacker on a system that has
386MAX or BlueMAX installed, and how to install 386MAX or BlueMAX on a system
that currently has Stacker installed.  386MAX is used for all examples.

Installing STACKER on a 386MAX system
ש Uninstall 386MAX:  go to the 386MAX directory and type STRIPMGR C: /ST
  (where C:  represents your boot drive) and press < ENTER >.  This will
  remove all references to 386MAX in the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files.
  If you have allowed 386MAX to install QCACHE on your system, place a REM
  statement in front of the line in your AUTOEXEC.BAT that loads QCACHE.

ש Reboot your system.

ש Install STACKER per the directions.  After you have installed STACKER, run
  ALL of your applications to ensure that they work correctly.  Do not
  continue if STACKER installation does not complete as expected or if you
  have problems using your applications.

  If you are having problems at this point, consult your STACKER
  documentation and/or Stac technical support to get your system in working

ש Reinstall 386MAX using the instructions below only after successful STACKER
  installation and implementation.

Installing 386MAX on a STACKER system 
This information explains how to install 386MAX or BlueMAX if either Stacker
1.0 or Stacker 2.0 is already present on the system.  These directions apply
only to some STACKER users.  To determine if you need these instructions, use
the SWAPMAP utility provided by STACKER.  Go to the STACKER directory, type
SWAPMAP, and press <ENTER>.  The printout should look similar to the one

SWAPMAP - 2.00, (c) 1990-91, Stac Electronics, Carlsbad, CA
Drive A: was drive A: at boot time
Drive B: was drive B: at boot time
Drive C: was drive D: at boot time  [ D:\STACVOL.000 = 52.6MB (physical) ]
Drive D: was drive C: at boot time

It is important to note the line that begins with "Drive C:".  If drive C:
was a drive other than C: at boot time, follow these directions.  Otherwise,
follow the on-screen prompts to install 386MAX.  A user with the above
printout has an UNCOMPRESSED D:  drive, and a COMPRESSED C:  drive.  If these
terms are unclear, consult your STACKER documentation.  Continue only when
you understand which of your drives are compressed and which are

ש Create a back-up bootable floppy.  You can do so by typing FORMAT A: /S at
  the DOS prompt and pressing < ENTER >.  Copy the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT
  from the UNCOMPRESSED drive.  Test the disk by booting off of it.  Make the
  CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT on this disk as simple as possible, but be sure
  to include the STACKER drivers.
ש Check the CONFIG.SYS on the UNCOMPRESSED drive.  If you are using version
  2.0 of STACKER, it is advisable to use the /SYNC parameter for SSWAP.  The
  device line in CONFIG.SYS should look similar to this:


  If you have a version of STACKER prior to 2.0, or do not wish to use the
  /SYNC parameter, you must replace the AUTOEXEC.BAT file created by STACKER
  on the COMPRESSED drive with the AUTOEXEC.BAT file from the uncompressed
  "boot" drive.  In the SWAPMAP example above, drive D: was C: at boot time, 
  therefore D: is the boot drive.

  To replace AUTOEXEC.BAT go to the STACKER directory and type the following
  commands, pressing <ENTER> after each one.

        (where d: represents the uncompressed drive)

ש Run 386MAX's Install program.  When Install asks for the letter of the boot
  drive, enter the letter of the UNCOMPRESSED drive (D: in the given example).
  Do not run Maximize.  After responding NO to Maximize, you will be returned
  to a DOS prompt.

ש Create a 386MAX directory on the UNCOMPRESSED drive.  Copy the following
  files into the directory:

           386MAX.VXD      <== Provides windows support

ש Change the device line in CONFIG.SYS on the uncompressed drive from:

      DEVICE = C:\386MAX\386MAX.SYS PRO=C:\386MAX\386MAX.PRO


      DEVICE = C:\386MAX\386MAX.SYS PRO=\386MAX\386MAX.PRO

  Make sure that the DEVICE= statement that loads 386MAX comes before the
  DEVICE= statements for STACKER.COM.  Otherwise, STACKER drivers will not be
  considered candidates for loading into high DOS.

ש Run Maximize from the 386MAX directory on the compressed drive (C: in the
  example given).  When asked, tell Maximize that you boot from the
  uncompressed drive (D:  in the example).

If you have any problems installing 386MAX on your system, typing PREINST 
<ENTER> at the command line in the 386MAX subdirectory will return your 
CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT to the configuration prior to the installation of 
386MAX.  If you have problems after starting Maximize, PREMAXIM will return 
your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT to the configuration prior to the last pass 
of Maximize.

Please consult STACKER documentation and/or STACKER technical support for
issues relating to STACKER.


386MAX and BlueMAX are trademarks of Qualitas, Inc.                       �