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Installing Stacker on an IBM PS/1

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STACKER NOTE                          Stac Electronics Technical Note

Subject: Installing Stacker on an IBM PS/1

Tech020- 2/20/92
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STACKER works great on an IBM PS/1.  However, There are a few things
you must do before and after installing STACKER on an IBM PS/1.  The
following step-by-step procedure will prepare your PS/1 for STACKER:

Note: Step 1 is recommended, but not required.

1. Start IBM DOS from the 4th quadrant screen.  Click on "Backup and
Restore Your Fixed Disk" and press <Enter>.  Follow the prompts that
you are given to backup all of the files on your fixed disk.
NOTE:  The number of diskettes will vary depending on the amount of
data on your hard disk.

2. Press <Shift>+<F9> to get to the DOS prompt after completing the

3. Type c:\dos\CUSTOMIZ and press the <Enter> key to setup the system.
   (Customiz can also be run from the IBM DOS quadrant.)

4. The third line from the bottom of the screen says "Read
   Config.sys:".   Click on "From Disk".

5. The next line down says "Read Autoexec.bat:".  Click on "From Disk".

6. The last line says "Disk to read from:".  Click on "C:".

7. Press <Enter> to save the changes and exit CUSTOMIZ.

8. Restart your system by pressing <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<Del>.
NOTE:  At this point your computer will boot directly to the DOS

9. You can now install STACKER by inserting the STACKER diskette and
   typing:   A:INSTALL /B=C 
   At the end of the STACKER install let STACKER reboot
   to access the STACKER drive.  This will again take you to the DOS

10. To restore the PS/1 system menu, edit the Config.sys on drive C:
    and insert the line: INSTALL=D:\SHELLSTB.COM (STACKER 2.0 users can use
    SEDIT to modify Config.sys.)

11. Restart the system for changes to take affect.