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Integrated Micro Solutions Becomes IXMICRO - 05/1997

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SAN JOSE, Calif., May 12, 1997 -- Integrated Micro Solutions, makers of the award-winning TwinTurbo graphics accelerators, today announced it has changed it's name to IXMICRO, strengthening it's identity in the extremely competitive categories of multimedia acceleration, multimedia convergence products and multimedia network delivery systems. The company plans to balance the strength of the TwinTurbo brand by promoting a unique, more memorable corporate name and a powerful new mark. Pronounced "eye - ex - micro", the new identity includes a new purple "spyrograph" logo and a tag line that reads "formerly Integrated Micro Solutions".

"Demand for TwinTurbo, TurboTV and our proprietary high bandwidth networking technologies have resulted in phenomenal growth for the company," said Christopher Knight, vice president of graphics marketing at IXMICRO. "It is time to balance the recognition of the TwinTurbo brand with a strong corporate identity that stands out in the multimedia category. We are pleased to reintroduce ourselves today as IXMICRO".

The new IXMICRO identity appears today on all corporate materials. In addition, the company is moving its web page from to (notices on the site will help customers make the transition).

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