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InterWorld Commerce Exchange

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Mission-critical solution designed to quickly and easily integrate an organization's existing infrastructure and enterprise business systems and processes onto the Internet, utilizing its process-centric component model and universal business adapters. Allows large corporations to extend their competitive business expertise onto the Internet without redesigning their core business practices. Incorporate their existing shipping and receiving, MRP, ERP, EDI, and inventory management systems into a single company-wide digital commerce environment. The platform independent architecture supports multiple operating systems, databases, Web servers, and legacy systems. It supports all the major Internet security standards, including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), RSA encryption technology (RC4 and MD5), and x.509 digital certificates. Integrates with any data source or enterprise system, including mainframe, legacy, ERP, MRP, and EDI systems using its universal business adapters. Corporations can quickly tap data from back office systems to manage purchase order routing and approvals, link with financial systems to offer enhanced account information, and create standing orders with suppliers. Available Applications include Catalog (individualized product presentation dependent on buyer preferences and company sales objectives) and InterWorld Auction (online marketplace for sellers to liquidate goods and for buyers to bid for them). Many third-party commerce applications are supported (e.g. Taxware for sales tax calculation; TanData for shipping and logistics calculation; CyberCash for payment processing; CyberSource for digital product clearinghouse, containers, distribution, fraud protection, and payment processing; and Vantive for customer asset management).