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Iomega Bernoulli 230

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Part of the Iomega Bernoulli family of drives. 230MB capacity.

The Bernoulli 230MB, 150MB, 105MB, 90MB, 65MB, 35MB disks can all be read and written to. The Bernoulli 44 disks can be read only. Bernoulli 20MB disks are not recognized by the Bernoulli 230 drive. The Bernoulli 230 drive offers both short and long (surface verify) format options when formatting a 230MB disk. When formatting other capacity Bernoulli disks (150MB, 105MB, 90MB, 65MB, 35MB), only the short format option is available.

Technical Details

Maximum transfer rate:         2.67 MB/second
Sustained transfer rate:       1.92 MB/seconds
Effective access time:         18 milliseconds
Average start/stop time:       5/3 seconds
Long format time               18 minutes (surface verify)
Short format time:             8 seconds
Drive auto spin down:          User-selectable
Operating:                     50 to 80 F  (10 to 30 C)
Storage:                       -8 to 126 F     (-22 to 52 C)
Shipping:                      -40 to 140 F  (-40 to 60 C)
Drive operational modes:       Fixed or removable
Drive orientation              Horizontal or vertical
Drive service life             5 years
Drive agency approvals         UL, FCC-B, CSA, BZT, TUV, VDE
Drive data transfer (hard errors)      10 errors in 10 13exp bits
Mean time between drive failures:      greater than 200,000
Disk drive height/shock tolerance:     8 feet (2.44 meters) 1000Gs
Disk estimated shelf life:         10 years 

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