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Iomega Drive with Other Third-Party SCSI Drivers

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Iomega Zip, Jaz, and Bernoulli drives can be used successfully with Adaptec adapters running EZ-SCSI software. The EZ-SCSI software will support Iomega Zip, Jaz, 90, 150, and 230 drives. The EZ-SCSI software will support Iomega drives by itself, or can be used with Guest or Iomega SCSI.

EZ-SCSI device drivers have two types of files: First, the ASPI manager (ASPIXDOS.SYS) which interfaces the SCSI host adapter board to the SCSI devices; second, the ASPI Device driver (ASPIDISK.SYS) which provides the attached drives with a drive letter.

Iomega recommends using both ASPIDISK.SYS and Guest or Iomega SCSI. Use ASPIDISK to support any SCSI devices already attached, and use Guest or Iomega SCSI to support any Iomega drives attached to your SCSI adapter.

Configuring ASPIDISK:
ASPIDISK is Adaptec's ASPI disk driver for DOS. ASPIDISK needs to be configured with the /ID switch. The /ID option lets you specify which disk devices are controlled by ASPIDISK. Any disks SCSI ID not included in the /ID switch will be ignored by ASPIDISK and not assigned a drive letter. By default, ASPIDISK will take over drives that are not under control of the host adapter BIOS. Here are three examples, showing the command line syntax on the left and an explanation on the right. The ASPIDISK line is located in the "config.sys" file. Use an editor to open the config.sys file located in the root directory of your C: drive.

  /ID=0+4+6 Support the SCSI drives at SCSI ID's:  0, 4, and 6
  /ID=0+1 Support the SCSI drives at SCSI ID's:  0, and 1
  /ID=1+2 Support the SCSI drives at SCSI ID's:  1, and 2

Use the SCSI ID's of the non-Iomega drives in the /ID switch. Here is an example of the "Device" line in the config.sys file before and after. The SCSI ID's of the non-Iomega drives are 0, 2, and 6. The Iomega drive is set to SCSI ID 5.

  Before:   Device=C:\SCSI\ASPIDISK.SYS /D
  After:    Device=C:\SCSI\ASPIDISK.SYS /D /ID=0+2+6

Make sure to save the config.sys file and reboot your computer so the changes can take effect.

Configuring Guest:

Once the changes have been made to the ASPIDISK line, Guest should support your Iomega drive without any changes. If you have not completed the Zip Tools Installation, follow the instructions in the Setup Guide to install the software. If you have already completed the software installation, your Guest driver and software will function properly.

Configuring Iomega SCSI:

The only configuration Iomega SCSI requires is the order in which it loads in your config.sys file. Make sure that the two or three Iomega SCSI lines in your "config.sys" file load after the ASPIDISK line. Here are the three most common Iomega SCSI lines installed into the config.sys file.

      Device=C:\Iomega\ASPIPPA3.SYS /Info /Scan /Quiet
      Device=C:\Iomega\SCSICFG.EXE /V

Other Non-Iomega SCSI Drivers:
If you are using the SCSI drivers included with your SCSI adapter, you will need to configure these drivers to co-exist with either Guest or Iomega SCSI. As with ASPIDISK above, all SCSI disk drivers have some means of selecting which SCSI devices to support and which SCSI devices to ignore.

If you do not know how to set up your software to ignore the Iomega drives, contact your Adapter manufacturer for help. Iomega technicians cannot help you configure non-Iomega software.

The configuration information listed above for Guest and Iomega SCSI holds true for any non-Iomega SCSI drivers, Guest does not require any special configuration and Iomega SCSI has to load after the non-Iomega SCSI driver software.

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