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Iomega Jaz

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The Jaz drive is the easiest and most economical way to expand your hard drive, move your files, and backup your hard drive.

Unlimited storage on removable 1 GB disks, compact, light, and portable - use it at home, in the office, on the road, anywhere. Fast and familiar - use it like your hard drive. Easy plug-and-go setup and operation, Jaz Tools software that helps you track, organize, and find everything.

Jaz Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called the Jaz drive?

The Jaz name is suggestive of the products key attributes: speed, mobility, simplicity, and security.

Is compression used with the Jaz drive?

Compression is not used with the Jaz drive. The Jaz drive works similar to a normal floppy drive, but much faster and uses 1 GB removable media. It does not automatically perform any data compression during read or write operations. However, popular compression software should be compatible. Most backup software, using compression, will also work with the Jaz drive.

What Jaz drive models are available?

The Jaz drive is available in two Fast SCSI II versions, an Insider 3 1/2" model and a portable external model. The Jaz external model can be easily used on either a PC or Macintosh. Iomega does have the technology to produce an IDE version of the Jaz drive. However, development of an IDE Jaz drive has not been announced.

What is included with the Jaz drive?

The Jaz drive comes complete with the drive, cable, power supply for external models, operating software, a 1 GB starter cartridge with Jaz Tools software, and an electronic users manual.

Which SCSI adapters can be used with the Jaz drive?

For the best compatibility and performance Iomega suggests using Iomega SCSI adapters, such as the Jaz Jet PCI or Jaz Jet ISA SCSI Adapters. In addition, the drive is compatible with most ASPI compatible SCSI adapters and drivers.

What Operating Systems are supported?

The Jaz drive includes software drivers to support either MS-DOS (4.x or greater); Windows 3.1x, 95, NT 3.51 or higher; and Macintosh OS 7.x or higher. OS/2 (2.x or higher) drivers are also available from Iomega. Other Operating Systems such as Unix and NetWare are also compatible. Iomega has technical documents available describing Jaz support for other Operating Systems.

What are the system requirements for my computer?

You will need an IBM 386 or higher with a supported Operating System, 640K RAM (Windows 3.1x requires a minimum of 2MB, 4MB is recommended). If you are using a Macintosh, you will need a Mac SE or greater with a supported Operating System and 4MB RAM. You will also need a ASPI compatible SCSI adapter. Other computer systems with a ASPI compatible SCSI adapter may also be compatible. Iomega has technical documents available regarding other systems that are compatible.

Are drivers and Tools provided for all supported Operating Systems?

Jaz Tools software is now available for Windows 3.1x, 95, NT; DOS; Win-OS/2 Warp; and Macintosh System 6.0.7 or greater. Drivers are available for all supported Operating Systems.

What are Jaz Tools?

The Tools software is a collection of useful utilities made specifically for the Jaz drive. Jaz Tools allows the user to format the 1 GB Jaz cartridge, backup your hard drive, catalog the Jaz cartridges, copy floppies to a Jaz cartridge, password protect the Jaz cartridge, and lock the cartridge into a fixed cartridge state.

Do I need to use Iomega Tools to use the Jaz dive?

You do not need to use Iomega Tools cartridge to use the Jaz drive. However, Iomega Tools makes a nice enhancement for the use of the Jaz drive and is recommended. It is important to keep in mind that Jaz cartridges can not be formatted properly using the Operating Systems format command. Because the Jaz cartridge is write protected via software, Iomega Tools is required for this function as well. All that is needed to use the Jaz drive is the correct driver for your Operating System and adapter.

Are higher capacity Jaz drives possible?

The Jaz technology is capable of higher capacities in the future, but no announcement has been made for the development of higher capacity drives or cartridges.

Is the Jaz drive bootable?

The Jaz drive can be used as the computers boot cartridge if configured properly. Normally the drive must be set to SCSI ID 0 and the SCSI adapter must have a bootable BIOS. For example, the Jaz Jet PCI SCSI adapter is a bootable adapter. Information on booting Operating Systems from the Jaz drive can be obtained from our document service.

What type of technology does the Jaz drive use?

Jaz technology is based on Winchester hard cartridge technology but has built in enhancements from Iomega to provide removability, increased performance and reliability.

What are the Jaz drive's features and benefits?

  • The Jaz drive is as fast as most hard drives
  • The Jaz drive provides 1 GB of cartridge space on each compact cartridge
  • The Jaz drive is portable - goes where you go
  • The Jaz drive is ideal for multimedia applications
  • The Jaz drive is an easy backup solution for networks and large files
  • The Jaz drive eliminates the need to upgrade your hard drive again

Is a Jaz cartridge included?

The Jaz drive ships with a 1GB Jaz Tools cartridge that is dual formatted for DOS, Windows 3.1x, 95, and Macintosh. Once installed, the cartridge can only be used with the system on which it was installed. Additional Jaz Tools cartridges are available if both Operating System environments are required.

Can I use the Jaz Drive on my Parallel Port?

Yes, if running the Jaz from a parallel port is desired, Iomega recommends the Jaz Traveler. For additional information about the Jaz Traveler, please see document #4125.

Can I use a DOS cartridge in a Macintosh and visa versa?

The Jaz drive, when connected to a Macintosh, can read and write DOS, Windows 3.1x and 95 formatted cartridges using Apple's PC Exchange program (2.0 or greater). There are a number of third party vendors that offer software packages that will allow Macintosh Jaz cartridges to be accessed in DOS and Windows systems. Iomega does not provide support for third party software.

Can the Jaz drive be used as a network shared device?

Yes, if the proper network drivers are used. For example, using an Adaptec SCSI adapter with Adaptec's NetWare drivers. The Jaz drive can also be used to backup the server when connected to a workstation on the network without any special drivers.

How long is the SCSI cable included with the Portable Jaz drive?

The SCSI cable is a 5 foot 50HD pin to 50HD pin cable. A 50 pin HD to 25 pin converter is also included.

How is the Jaz drive different from other removable hard cartridges?

  • 1 GB (1,070 million bytes)
  • Sustained transfer rate of up to 6.73 MB per second
  • Sophisticated 256k read/write cache
  • 3 1/2 inch by 1 inch form factor
  • External drive weighs 2 lbs. with automatic termination
  • Anti-rattle cartridge design
  • Cool Wind (motor produced internal air flow)

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