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Ix3D Macintosh Family from IXMICRO Available Now - 06/1998

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SAN JOSE, Calif., June 11, 1998 -- IXMICRO™ today ships its complete line of ix3D™ accelerators, making good on its promise to deliver extreme resolutions, optimal true color acceleration and faster scrolling to the entire Macintosh market. ix3D marks the first time in the industry that mainstream Macintosh consumers have equal access to professional graphics performance. With prices ranging from $229 to $579 ESP (USD), ix3D accelerators provide options for all levels of consumers.

IXMICRO established itself as an industry leader with the release of its proprietary TwinTurbo® 128-bit chip technology. The ix3D line up continues IXMICRO's legacy, providing a line more adept in raw graphics delivery than any other on the market. With capabilities designed to meet varying monitor sizes and resolutions, ix3D's line-up provides high performance, value-minded solutions for experienced graphics professionals, design experts and home enthusiasts.

ix3D Macintosh accelerators offer professional acceleration and graphics delivery at mainstream prices:

  • Ultimate Rez (ESP $579 U.S.) -- Aimed at the serious graphics professional, Ultimate Rez, an 8Mbyte EDO VRAM board, provides a sustained 2D image scroll rate in excess of 280Mbytes per second. Its unsurpassed true color acceleration runs at extreme resolutions up to1920x1200. The board is designed to support high resolution productivity applications like Photoshop, Quark Xpress, Adobe Illustrator and Microstation, and is the choice for graphics professionals looking for the fastest 2D acceleration with 3D support.
  • Pro Rez (ESP $299 U.S.) -- Pro Rez provides optimum graphics delivery for design experts seeking maximum true color resolutions up to 1280x1024. Aimed at multimedia authors, Web developers and electronic publishers, Pro Rez is an 8Mbyte SGRAM solution designed to meet the demands of graphics experts while maintaining aggressive pricing.
  • Mac Rocket (ESP $229 U.S.) -- Built upon the same TwinTurbo 128-3D controller that powers both Pro Rez and Ultimate Rez, Mac Rocket is the first 128-bit accelerator ever to be made available to the home and family consumer. A 4Mbyte SGRAM card, Mac Rocket provides full screen, true color MPEG video and QuickTime playback at any resolution. Video out comes standard for convenient support of computer to TV connections. Mac Rocket will impress the general consumer with its professional power, abundant feature set and unique value-minded price point.

Adding value to the ix3D line-up, each board is bundled with hundreds of dollars of leading graphic productivity software from companies such as MetaCreations, Totally Hip and Artifice. Additionally, ix3D is the first line of Macintosh accelerators to support color sync for precise screen to printer color matching. Complete bundling information for each of the ix3D boards is attached.

"The ix3D family represents an important departure from the standard practice of pricing graphics accelerators pursuant to speed," says Christopher Knight, vice president of graphics marketing. "ix3D delivers roughly the same performance across the line, with pricing characteristics closely tied to users' monitor demands. IXMICRO is proud to come through on its commitment to providing high end graphic solutions for home consumers to high end professionals."

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