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A helper application by Aaron Giles that controls the display of JPEG format images.

JPEG is a popular format for images displayed on the World Wide Web . Although some Web browser s can display JPEG images inside the browser window, JPEGView lets the user control what color palette is used to display an image, the magnification of the image, and so on.

JPEGView is probably the best software for viewing JPEG images on the Mac platform. JPEGView has a very complete set of tools; the program is well documented, System 7.5 savvy, is AppleScript scriptable and recordable, and is “postcardware”—the price of the software is a postcard to Mr. Giles.

JPEGView can only display as many colors as your video hardware allows, but it enables you to optimize the display of images on 256-color monitors.

JPEG displays images according to the monitor settings of your Mac (see the following figure). If you have the video hardware and your Monitor control panel is set to thousands or millions of colors, JPEGView displays the image by matching each pixel in the monitor to a pixel in the JPEG file and by displaying the color specified. (However, unless your monitor and the scanner that scanned the image in the first place are perfectly calibrated—it records and displays the same color in exactly the same way—the monitor only approximates the specified color.)

You have two choices for getting an image into JPEGView: You can move the images by hand, or you can configure Netscape to launch JPEGView automatically.