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Original document can be seen at https://cdn.preterhuman.net/texts/computing/hotline_info/JACKMECH.TXT


   ČtherDime:  Ok...
    JackMech :  I can't stay for too long. Got lotsa homework.
   ČtherDime:  so what happened?
    JackMech :  FYI
    JackMech :  I got a letter saying, we're investigating you.
   ČtherDime:  really?
    JackMech :  Yep.  I got it in Math class.
   ČtherDime:  I heard you got a $200,000 fine and were in jail
    JackMech :  Heh
    JackMech :  Actually it was 1 Million and I got the death penatly
   ČtherDime:  so...did youerase everything?
   ČtherDime:  you erase...sorry
    JackMech :  Nope.  Still got it all.  =)
   ČtherDime:  all your files?
   ČtherDime:  cool
   ČtherDime:  is it in hiding?
    JackMech :  Yeah, I guess.
   ČtherDime:  are you ever going to start the server agian?
    JackMech :  I don't have a connection and if I did, I WOULDN't be running a server on it.
    JackMech :  Nope.
   ČtherDime:  hehe...Damn
    JackMech :  Tough luck.
    JackMech :  =)
   ČtherDime:  Well, do you think you could spare anything for an oldtime friend?
    JackMech :  What do you mean?
    JackMech :  You want an account.  (heh)
   ČtherDime:  Like a HD?
   ČtherDime:  Something I can store info on?
   ČtherDime:  I could probably give you a little cash
    JackMech :  Heh.  Whatever.  I'd say the only thing I can spare is some advice.  It really isn't worth it.  I've realized that now.
    JackMech :  I got some little internal thingy.
    JackMech :  Not sure exactly how big.
   ČtherDime:  really?  you got a shit load of $$$ though
   ČtherDime:  didn't you?
    JackMech :  Not really.
   ČtherDime:  How much, do you think?  Total?
   ČtherDime:  Damn dude, when I heard that rumor, I was so sad for you
    JackMech :  Roughly $700, but I also got caught.  You couldn't raise anything near that without being stupid.  i.e. Me. 
   ČtherDime:  cool...
   ČtherDime:  I think that I will be private
   ČtherDime:  so shit like that wont happen
    JackMech :  It's just not worth it.  Don't put your address on things.  And don't ask for money, and don't get anything over 1 GB.
   ČtherDime:  so...What do you think will happen to you in the future?
    JackMech :  Not much.  I have to write a 20+ page paper.
   ČtherDime:  are you gonna be in hella trouble, or did it blow over?
    JackMech :  And sign a contract.
   ČtherDime:  for?
    JackMech :  They also took all the extra stuff I got.
   ČtherDime:  What extra stuff?
   ČtherDime:  Like your hardware?
    JackMech :  They makin me write a 20 page paper on Piracy.  Most of the HW and $ I got.
   ČtherDime:  damn...How do they know that you didn't buy it?
    JackMech :  I told them.
    JackMech :  Honesty is the best policy.  =)
   ČtherDime:  And that is all that happened...?  Geez, did they interrogate you?
   ČtherDime:  I would have been shitting bricks...
    JackMech :  I didn't even really talk to them.  If I hadn't been here at college I might be in jail right now.
   ČtherDime:  damn...
   ČtherDime:  So, after the report, do you have to do anything else?
    JackMech :  Yeah, dude.  Just be a recieve not a giver, if anything.
    JackMech :  Nope.
    JackMech :  I may get in trouble from the school.  Their honor code or whatever
   ČtherDime:  yup...
   ČtherDime:  that shit doesn't matter...The jail shit would
    JackMech :  Yeah.  It'll be okay, but I really learned something.  What a lessson.
   ČtherDime:  Damn, scary.  Do you have any idea how much space is on that little drive?  Would you be willing to send?
   ČtherDime:  What are you?  19, 20 ?  FBI at this age, will it go on a record?  What are you studying to be?
    JackMech :  I'm guessing about 200 MB.  If you wanna buy it that's cool.  Otherwise I'm gonna try and sell it to a used part person.
   ČtherDime:  Go ahead and do that, I am getting a Jaz pretty soon
    JackMech :  I'm 19.  It's not on my prem. record. and I'm into computer science
    JackMech :  Cool.
    JackMech :  Yeah, I wouldn't go online with that Jaz.
    JackMech :  IMHO
   ČtherDime:  prem?
    JackMech :  Perm.
    JackMech :  permanent
   ČtherDime:  shit...will that hurt you?
   ČtherDime:  Badly?
    JackMech :  It's NOT on my record.  So no.  It won't hurt.  =)
   ČtherDime:  See, I am just wondering this for my own safety, know what I mean...
   ČtherDime:  oh...=)
    JackMech :  Yeah.  Just don't offer.  I mean really.  Why do it?
    JackMech :  Why do you do it?
   ČtherDime:  I will be a Cardiologist, cant screw my life up with petty computer shit
    JackMech :  Exactly.  And this is a good way to get in real deep.
   ČtherDime:  I figure, why stop?  But until i heard of your situation, I have had second thoughts
    JackMech :  Good.
    JackMech :  Second thoughts are there for a reason.
   ČtherDime:  I know...
   ČtherDime:  scary shit...
   ČtherDime:  everyone with a server is scared shitless now
    JackMech :  I mean, sure.  You may not get caught.  But it's not impossible.  These people ARE on hotline.  You could get caught.  And if you did, could you deal with it?
   ČtherDime:  everyone has been hounding my ass off asking what happened to you
    JackMech :  You can copy this chat for em.
   ČtherDime:  exactly what I am going to do
    JackMech :  As long as you don't ask for money and you don't give out your address and you don't get too big you should be okay.
   ČtherDime:  yes...I am sure i could deal with it
AudioAve�    :  Hey are you ok JackMech
   ČtherDime:  But the money is nice...
    JackMech :  My big problem was that I was way too popular.  EVERYONE know about me.
   ČtherDime:  Audio, I will post this chat for everyone
   ČtherDime:  this is our conversation now, listen if you like
   ČtherDime:  I know
    JackMech :  The money is nice.  How does Jail sound?  How about $100,000 per file on your server?
   ČtherDime:  Is that what it is?
   ČtherDime:  How come you didn't get barred with this fine?
    JackMech :  I mean, that's EXACTLY where I'd be if I hadn't been at this school.  They told me flat out, "If you weren't at the school, we would have gone ahead with legal action."
    JackMech :  Meaning I would be up shit creek without a paddle.
   ČtherDime:  See jack, my ploy is that I am a Back-up server only.  People pay $10 to use my service, and I am not responsible for any other activity whatsoever...
    JackMech :  It could work, but then it also couldn't and then what.  Charging money is what puts you in deep shit.  The money is what makes the law work.  If you don't go for money, they don't have much for you.
    JackMech :  I don't know.  I mean, your parents might be fined.  These people are totally serious.
   ČtherDime:  But, what gives them the right to tell me that I am not running a business here?
   ČtherDime:  did they present themselves like Migruff the warez sniffing crime dogs?  Like pricks with big chips on their shoulders?
    JackMech :  You are running a business selling other people software.  That's exactly where they get you.  I know you say "backup" but nobody's tested that and it may not work.  
   ČtherDime:  you are definetly right...
   ČtherDime:  I just hope I don't get a letter
   ČtherDime:  I have given my address out thousands of times...
   ČtherDime:  =(
    JackMech :  They ar serious.  It may look like they're not because I only have to write a paper.  But they are.  The school's lawyer is what saved me.  They would've killed me if I didn't have him.
   ČtherDime:  I took after you
    JackMech :  Exactly what is bad.
   ČtherDime:  Whadda you mean by that?
    JackMech :  I mean if I was just some guy with a T1 offering files from my house I'd be in deep deep shit right now.  There'd be no little paper for me.  other than the letter calling me to court.
   ČtherDime:  I'm beginning to think I should stop all activity right now...
    JackMech :  Just the warez activity.
    JackMech :  Chatting is still okay.  =)
   ČtherDime:  That just isn't worth the stuff I get from various people
    JackMech :  Leave the serving to other people
    JackMech :  Exactly my point.  It really isn't
    JackMech :  Let someone else get in trouble. =)
   ČtherDime:  really?
   ČtherDime:  that's it?
   ČtherDime:  hehe
    JackMech :  Well copy this chat and pass it out to people.  =)
    JackMech :  Yeah.
   ČtherDime:  I will!  Thank you for all your help!
    JackMech :  No prob.
   ČtherDime:  bye, I will e-mail you from time to time just to say hi
   ČtherDime:  And stop in whenever...Do you want an account?  For when I go private?
    JackMech :  Great
    JackMech :  login/pass = ******/******* ---->Censored
   ČtherDime:  with the caps?
    JackMech :  Yeash
    JackMech :  yeah
   ČtherDime:  you are now full admin
    JackMech :  Thanks
   ČtherDime:  I will see you around Mark
    JackMech :  Well, I gotta go.  I'll be back sometime.
   ČtherDime:  bye...
    JackMech :  Bye Bill

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