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Jade is a multithreaded JPEG viewer for the Mac which is relatively lean (388K as a fat binary, and a minimum memory partition size of 600K) but is extremely fast and sports some unique features. Multithreading gives you constant access to all of Jade's features: especially useful when used as a helper for a web browser or when you just want to decompress two images at once. Through the use of its own virtual memory scheme, Jade can have many (around 100+ files at the preferred partition setting) files simultaneously regardless of their size. This is because decompressed images only occupy a little RAM and the actual image is stored on disk. This feature allows you to do batch viewing jobs which are especially useful on slower machines: drop a ton of JPEGs on it and get a cup of coffee. When you return, voila! Jade can also display JPEG's at their full size or in a small (but quick!) preview size in addition to the standard screen size. This coupled with a delete file hot key allows users to sift and filter through many images with ease. Jade is also one of the first JPEG viewers to support Progressive JPEGs which are becoming prominent in web sites.