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Believed to be sometime in 1998. Original file can be seen at https://cdn.preterhuman.net/texts/computing/hotline_info/the_saga_continues/Jason_Rox_hates_YOU.txt

 Imagine:  alright.
      Imagine:  who here thinks hotline is worth being a commercial product at it's current state?
       ´ukka!:  so don't use it
      FORTYoz:  commercial product? for what market :>
      Imagine:  good question.
      Imagine:  ask steve spindler
       ´ukka!:  who?
      Imagine:  mah boy stevie
       ´ukka!:  who is that?
   King Troll:  yukka why are you such an ass?
      FORTYoz:  some guy named steve
       ´ukka!:  yeah ok troll
      Imagine:  hehe
       ´ukka!:  you say thios in chat
      FORTYoz:  he must be some kinda guy
      FORTYoz:  with the name steve
       ´ukka!:  and then beg me in PM to be on the beta test
      Imagine:  you bet =P
   King Troll:  what in chat?
       ´ukka!:  fuck off
   King Troll:  no
      Imagine:  rox
   King Troll:  I didnt beg
       ´ukka!:  piss off
      FORTYoz:  beta test what?
       ´ukka!:  you guys are fuxored
   King Troll:  you are an ass so I dont want to be in your fucking beta
       ´ukka!:  and ya know what
      Imagine:  it's your attitude yukka
   King Troll:  did you hear me?
      Imagine:  ..you don't care?
       ´ukka!:  why the hell would we want to bother with a bunch of fark'n ungrateful selfish lil terds
       ´ukka!:  with no god damn lifes
   King Troll:  so
       ´ukka!:  who steal
       ´ukka!:  as paert of their lives
      FORTYoz:  and chat
       ´ukka!:  who know jkack dfrom their ass
   King Troll:  your calling the hotline community a bunch of "fark'n ungrateful selfish lil terds" 
       ´ukka!:  god damn lil fuck'n shit
     Raistlin:  hey i dont steal hotline
   King Troll:  HAHA
       ´ukka!:  no
       ´ukka!:  you
       ´ukka!:  ya piece of shoit
 *** Imagine raises his hand
      FORTYoz:  yukka: i believe your trying to steal hotline arent you?
   King Troll:  someone gave me hotline
       ´ukka!:  srteal
   King Troll:  ie Jason Roxs
 *** Imagine slaps 40's hand
       ´ukka!:  steal
       ´ukka!:  what!!!!!!!
   King Troll:  no yukka you gave me a disk at Macworld
     Raistlin:  yukka: hx baby
       ´ukka!:  well troll
       ´ukka!:  I take it back
       ´ukka!:  screw you
      Imagine:  like I said, dump the company
      Imagine:  you refuse
      Imagine:  to even consider
       ´ukka!:  why?
       ´ukka!:  that makes no sense
       ´ukka!:  the copmpany is fine
   King Troll:  ´ukka I said dont act like ass
      Imagine:  oh really
       ´ukka!:  as I said you have NO CLUE
   King Troll:  I didnt say you are an ass
      Imagine:  then clue me in
       ´ukka!:  sorry
       ´ukka!:  no cvan do
 <<< Becks (tired) is now known as Becks (sleep-typing) >>>
      Imagine:  is transmittle of information over the internet illegal?
   King Troll:  um yukka
      Imagine:  loopholes..gotta love em
   King Troll:  when working with people its a good rule of thumb to be nice
       ´ukka!:  Hotline WILL be updated
       ´ukka!:  and HOTLINE will be improved
      FORTYoz:  like when you go to court
       ´ukka!:  and WE ARE making new apps
      Imagine:  heh
       ´ukka!:  and NONE ARE MADE FOR YOU
   King Troll:  like what?
       ´ukka!:  get iot
      Imagine:  like netscrawl?
      FORTYoz:  we get it.. now fuck off.
       ´ukka!:  netscrawl is halted
   Witchblade:  Goodnight, Becks!
   King Troll:  aghh apps that are crap and no one needs?
      Imagine:  mah favorite toy
   King Troll:  thus an app I wouldnt need
       ´ukka!:  ya know why troll
Becks (sleep-:  ok, i go to sleep. Anybody have a bedtime story with a happy ending 'fore i go? 
      Imagine:  we should hire a P.I. and look for hinks <g>
       ´ukka!:  cuz you have no design ability
       ´ukka!:  you are a useless untaleneted piece of shioot
   Witchblade:  IO have one, but I can't tellit in chat. :P
   King Troll:  yukka who the hell are you?
Becks (sleep-:  hehe
       ´ukka!:  I know where hinks is
      Imagine:  do ya get it?
      FORTYoz:  in australia
   King Troll:  I have plenty of goddamn talent
Becks (sleep-:  WB, bedtime stories are rated G :)
      Imagine:  we all have ideas for hotline
       ´ukka!:  good
   Witchblade:  Ohhhhhh. ;)
       ´ukka!:  go do something with it
   King Troll:  I do
      Imagine:  and one day someone is gonna come around and now how to make them real
       ´ukka!:  don't bug me
      FORTYoz:  your the bug who fucked hotline up
      Imagine:  thank god ryan is in space =P
       ´ukka!:  cyaz all later
      Imagine:  getting things done
      FORTYoz:  good riddens
       ´ukka!:  you ungrateful ignorant fucks
          tik:  Did Hinks give it to you in your ass? Is that why your so stuckup?
       ´ukka!:  you ahve nO CCLUE
      Imagine:  "Boffo ´ukka!"
      Imagine:  change yer name
       ´ukka!:  hinks gave it to YOU in the ASS
       ´ukka!:  that is what happened
       ´ukka!:  and one day
       ´ukka!:  you will know
       ´ukka!:  and I do not forget 
      Imagine:  sorta like the suicidals?
       ´ukka!:  people like you
      FORTYoz:  go away before you say something you'd regret.. woops you already did
       ´ukka!:  all of you
      Imagine:  you gonna make a virus to delete our hard drives when we type in our nicks?
       ´ukka!:  i could care less
       ´ukka!:  why would I bother
     Raistlin:  damn yukka, you're making me nervous
   Witchblade:  Maybe that's why7 your company sucks... :)
     Raistlin:  better watch it
       ´ukka!:  about what
       ´ukka!:  yeah right
     Raistlin:  your threads
     Raistlin:  threats
       ´ukka!:  and you tell me this on our software
       ´ukka!:  YOU ARE A LEWZER
      FORTYoz:  his company, others talents
       ´ukka!:  YOU HAVE NO LIFE
     Raistlin:  hey, it's not your software, I'm uinsg hx
     Raistlin:  fucker
       ´ukka!:  you have no idea WTYF you are talking about
      Imagine:  what do YOU do all day jason?
   King Troll:  dude your insane
Macintosh afk:  hmmm
       ´ukka!:  fucking selfih buncha
     Raistlin:  really?
      Imagine:  =)
       ´ukka!:  lewzwers
       ´ukka!:  piss off
      FORTYoz:  LeWzErz
       ´ukka!:  I'mm outta here
   King Troll:  yukka
   King Troll:  look at yourself
       ´ukka!:  yerah
       ´ukka!:  I do
      FORTYoz:  alot
   King Troll:  your all insulting us
   King Troll:  ALL OF US
       ´ukka!:  anmd I wonder why I work
     Raistlin:  yeah, you leave
       ´ukka!:  for people like you
   King Troll:  and you call us  loser
   King Troll:  Thats fucking twisted
       ´ukka!:  yes it is isn't it
     Raistlin:  not like we need you to work for us, ya bitch
      Imagine:  answer my question.
       ´ukka!:  so go do it yerself
      Imagine:  what do you do all day?
       ´ukka!:  trash hotline
      Imagine:  cry about hotline?
       ´ukka!:  go find something else
       ´ukka!:  ya lil shit
      Imagine:  exactly
     Raistlin:  I don't want a prick like you writing my software
       ´ukka!:  hyopocritical 
      Imagine:  we rename hotline
       ´ukka!:  lil piece of garbae
Macintosh afk:  jeez it seems i've beamed down into a warzone..scotty get me outta here...one emergency transporter signal received
      FORTYoz:  he doesnt write software
   King Troll:  ´ukka
      Imagine:  to get away from hotlinesw
   King Troll:  your a fucking fruit loop
     Raistlin:  oh, you don't even do the work?!
     Raistlin:  fuck off
      Imagine:  yeh
   King Troll:  he sits there and smokes
       ´ukka!:  writing who's softyware
      Imagine:  everyone just thinks he does
      Imagine:  which prolly sucks for him
      FORTYoz:  he like hires young porgrammers and steals their code
   King Troll:  hes like cancer man he does all the dirty deeds
       ´ukka!:  I do not write software
   Alta  - PC:  I think I'm going to rewrite hotline
   King Troll:  just like the x-files
       ´ukka!:  go ahead
   Alta  - PC:  I'll call it pornlinue
      FORTYoz:  and they hate him so much they move away
   King Troll:  he killed hinks fron the gorup
   Alta  - PC:  and your all welcome to have free copies
      Imagine:  he is a corporate guy..owns companies..manages
          bsc:  hey ´
       ´ukka!:  hahaha
       ´ukka!:  u have no clue
       ´ukka!:  cyaz
     Raistlin:  riight
     Raistlin:  we have no clue
       ´ukka!:  don;t ask me for anything
       ´ukka!:  EVER
      FORTYoz:  King Troll: actually hinks got sick of his bullshit and left
      Imagine:  dou have a clue bout the color of my jizz?
       ´ukka!:  shut down all yer servers
     Raistlin:  riiight
       ´ukka!:  cuz hells com'n to town
      Imagine:  didn't think so =P
   King Troll:  ´ukka
   Alta  - PC:  btw, in case you were wondering, pornline will scan all of your harddrives, and send back any information I want
       ´ukka!:  cyaz
      Imagine:  insane in da membrane
     Raistlin:  not like we have to use your shitty software when there's hx out there
   King Troll:  I have to tell you something: We HAVE THIS CLUE THAT YOUR A FUCKING ASS!
       ´ukka!:  you stepped in it boys
   King Troll:  We have all have a clue
   Alta  - PC:  it'll have back-oriface built into it
      Imagine:  there ya go!
      FORTYoz:   <¥> kick successful

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