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Juno is an online service designed to meet the needs not just of experienced computer users but also the millions of people who are only beginning to use the Internet.

Until now, if you wanted to use the Internet and weren't already at a university or company that supplied you with Internet access, you had to purchase a complicated package of services from an Internet access provider or an online service. This could be costly—the leading access provider, America Online, typically charges more than $260 per year—and you had to buy the full package of services whether you wanted to use them all or only some of them.

Juno changes all that. If you just want to use electronic mail, you can choose Juno's completely free Internet e-mail service. It's one of the few free e-mail services available that do not require you to have Internet access, and therefore one of the few that are genuinely free. You pay Juno no monthly fees, no hourly fees, no start-up or membership fees—no fees of any sort. For more information about Juno's free Internet e-mail service, click here.

If you would like to be able to send and receive photographs, word processor documents, spreadsheets, audio files, computer programs, and other "file attachments" along with your e-mail, you can choose Juno Gold, Juno's enhanced e-mail service. For more information about Juno Gold (including pricing information), click here.

If you want full Internet access as well as the ability to send and receive file attachments, you can choose Juno Web, Juno's highest level of service. Juno Web provides easy-to-use, reliable access to any of the millions of sites on the World Wide Web, along with tips and tools to make using the Web simpler and more rewarding. For more information about Juno Web (including pricing information), click here.

Since Juno's service launched on April 22, 1996, more than 6.6 million people have subscribed. If you want to try Juno for yourself, all you need is a PC running Microsoft Windows, a modem, and a copy of the Juno® software, which you can download for free by clicking on the button below marked Download Juno Now.

In 2001, NetZero and Juno merged to form a new public company "United Online" which would manage both brands.

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