KDX Keyboard Shortcuts

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Command-Q to quit/exit the program. 
*	Command-W closes the front window (as if you clicked on its close box). 
*	Command-B shows the Address Book window. 
*	Command-C to copy selected text to the Clipboard. 
*	Command-V to paste text from the Clipboard. 
*	Command-X to cut selected text to the Clipboard. 
*	Command-A to select all text in a text box. 
*	Return or Enter key clicks the default button (one with a border). 
*	Escape key clicks the Cancel button. 
*	Escape key dismisses a popup menu. 
*	Option-escape to minimize a window. 
*	Command-click a URL in a text box to open it. 
*	Control-Alt-Z to select the previous server in the button bar menu. 
*	Control-Alt-X to select the next server in the button bar menu. 
*	Command-K to show the Connect window. 
*	Command-M to show the Messages window. 
Messages window: 

*	Command-Delete deletes the messages for the selected user. If no user is selected, it clears the whole window. 
*	Command-R to reply to the selected user. (Alternatively, double-click a user in the list.) 
Chat window: 

*	Escape key clears the input box. 
*	Control-Return/Enter in the input box types a return instead of sending the text. 
*	Command-Delete deletes the received text. 
*	Command-F shows Files for same server. 
*	Command-N shows News for same server. 
*	Command-U shows the User List for same server. 
Connect window: 

*	To connect to a server running on the same computer, you can use "0" (zero) for the address. 
File list window: 

*	Command-R refreshes the list (fetches it from the server again, to see if it changed). 
*	Command-S or command-F for searching. 
*	Command-UpArrow goes to the parent folder. 
*	Option-click a folder to open it in a new window. 
File Transfers window: 

*	Select an item and hit the Delete key to remove the item (does not delete the file, just removes it from the list). 
*	Escape or Period ('.') stops the selected transfer (but does not remove it from the list). 
*	Select a stopped item and hit the Return key to start it (will resume from the point at which was stopped). 
*	Select an item and hit command-up or down arrow key to move the item up or down. 
*	Command-Delete to remove all finished transfers from the list. 
Address Book window: 

*	Command-N to create a new address book entry. 
News window: 

*	Command-N to open a new message window. 

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