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KDX Secrets

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Mac Key Options and Hidden Commands:
[Alt] [A] to select all text in a text box. 
[Alt] [B] shows the address book window.
[Alt] [C] to copy selected text to the clipboard. 
[Alt] [F] shows files for same server.
[Alt] [K] to show the connect window. 
[Alt] [M] to show the messages window. 
[Alt] [N] shows news for same server.
[Alt] [Q] to quit the KDX client.
[Alt] [U] shows the user list for same server. 
[Alt] [V] to paste text from the clipboard.
[Alt] [W] closes the front window. 
[Alt] [X] to cut selected text to the clipboard. 
[Return] or [Enter] clicks the default button. 
[Esc] clicks the cancel button. 
[Esc] dismisses a popup menu. 
[Option] [esc] to minimize a window. 
[Alt]-click an url in a text box to open it. 
[Control] [Alt] [Z] to select the previous server in the button bar menu. 
[Control] [Alt] [X] to select the next server in the button bar menu. 

Messages window: 
[Alt] [Delete] deletes the messages for the selected user. If no user is selected, it clears the whole window. 
[Alt] [R] to reply to the selected user. 

Chat window: 
[Esc] clears the input box. 
[Control] [Return] or [Control] [enter] in the input box, types a return instead of sending the text. 
[Alt] [Delete] deletes the received text.  
Type "/transi" to toggle nickname background gradient (on/off).
Type "/d + (description)" or "/desc + (description)" to change the text after the ? in the user window.
Type "/me' + (message)" will print "*** (nickname) + (message)" To get /me without having to type it, type something and press Option-Return.
Type "/name  (nickname)" or "/n  (nickname)", changes your present nickname to new (nickname).
Type "/away" or "/a" to get Zzz instead of an ? behind your (nick)name.
Type "/back" or "/b" to remove Zzz and get the ? back behind your (nick)name.
Type "phink" to get a pink colored scheme.

Connect window: 
To connect to a server running on the same computer, you can use [0] (zero) for the address. 

File list window: 
[Alt] [R] refreshes the list, fetches it from the server again, to see if it has changed. 
[Alt] [S] or [Alt] [F] in the files window for searching in the whole server, to search only in that folder, just type the filename or a part of it. 
[Alt] [ª] goes to the parent folder. 
[Option] - click a folder to open it in a new window. 

File Transfers window: 
Select an item and hit [Delete] or [Backspace] to remove the item, it does not delete the file, just removes it from the list. 
[Esc] stops the selected transfer, but does not remove it from the list. 
Select a stopped item and hit [Return] to start it , it will resume from the point at which was stopped. 
Select an item and hit [Alt] [ª] or [Alt] [«] to move the item up or down in the list. 
[Alt] [Delete] to remove all finished transfers from the list. 

Address Book window: 
[Alt] [N] to create a new address book entry. 

News window: 
[Alt] [N] to open a new message window. 

Red Folders:
To make a folder have red text, rename it so it has two numbers and a ringle in front of it, like so: "00~My Folder" then at the end of it's name (before any [DB]s [UL]s or whatever) press Option-Space. It may look like a normal space, but when you refresh the list, lo and behold! You have red text!

Changing Name and Description:
To change your name or description FROM CHAT, type /name or /n followed by the name you want. You can type /desc or /d followed by the description you want to change that too. 

Character Box:
To get a box of most of the characters you can use, press Control and Numpad * while having a text box selected. There you can click on a character to have it added.   

Good Prank:
To immediately quit your KDX client without saving anything (for no particular purpose), type /ausgang into any open chat window. Good for a trick to play on your friends.