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       August 1992 edition of PC Magazine. Comprehensive laptop and 
       portable computer edition. Available at most public libraries. A 
       classic, MASSIVE edition providing laptop purchasing tips, 
       detailed reviews concerning specific portable computers and a 
       surprising amount of software information for laptop users. Also 
       contains a guide of useful travel tips and secrets from the 
       magazine editors who use laptops daily at work. 

       The Complete Laptop Computer Guide by David H. Rothman. 
       Everything from equipment you can buy at Radio Shack so you can 
       hook your laptop into hotel telephone networks to the 
       eccentricities of using a laptop computer in Egypt. This one is 
       the best guide if you want to know about using modems and 
       telecommunications with a laptop under ANY travel conditions 
       ANYWHERE on planet earth! 

       On the Road. The portable Computing Bible, by Jim Seymour. 
       Detailed laptop and portable use guide. Clever tips and tricks 
       the manufacturer forgot to put in your insturction manual!
       Jim has been a writer for PC Magazine for years and shares some 
       surprising information for laptop users and buyers. Tips and
       tricks from a laptop guru who uses a laptop daily.

       The Complete Laptop Computer Guide: How to Choose and Get the 
       Most Out of Your Portable PC or Mac, by David H. Rothman. 
       384 pages. Large and quite detailed. Covers both hardware and
       software resources for portable computer users.

       The Little Laptop Book, by Steve Cummings. Peachpit Press. 186 
       pages. How to use, buy and travel with laptops. Extensive 
       software recommendation and research is offered. Clever ideas 
       not seen in other books.

       PC Magazine Guide to Notebook and Laptop Computers, by Bob 
       Howard. Hundreds of productivity tips, purchasing suggestions 
       and a disk of shareware and public domain software round out 
       this comprehensive book. The disk alone is worth the price of 
       the book since the software is especially tuned for laptops. 



       There are dozens of books out there about Microsoft Windows, but 
       for my money the best collection of articles and tips ever 
       published on using Windows is at your local library: obtain a 
       back issue of PC/Computing Magazine, November 1992. Over 174 
       pages of Windows power tips that even the most jaded computer 
       guru will find amazing. The best coverage of Windows ever done 
       in any publication. 


                            GENERAL INTEREST BOOKS


       Understanding Computers (multiple volume series) By editors of 
       Time-Life Books. 1985. Reader information service, 541 North 
       Fairbanks Court, Chicago, Ill 60611. Found in most libraries, 
       this multiple volume set of lavishly illustrated computer guides 
       covers topics such as computer security, data input, 
       programming, computer history, new technology and other topics. 

       Managing Your Hard Disk. Don Berliner. 1988 Que Publishing. 
       Topics include installing and formatting a hard disk, learning 
       about subdirectories, backup methods plus many tips, tricks and 
       traps in using the all essential hard drive in your PC. 
       Next, the popular "Build Your Own...And Save A Bundle" series:
       Build Your Own IBM Compatible and Save A Bundle
       Upgrade Your Computer And Save A Bundle
       Build Your Own 80286 And Save A Bundle
       Build Your Own 80386 And Save A Bundle
       Build Your Own 80486 And Save A Bundle

       Above books by Aubrey Pilgrim. TAB-McGraw-Hill Publishing. Order 
       via toll free telephone number 1-800-765-1714. This series of 
       books features detailed photos, notes, diagrams and PLAIN ENGLISH 
       instructions on how to assemble or upgrade a complete computer 
       system. Save hundreds of dollars on equipment. Over 200,000 
       copies sold of this popular series. Incidentally, you can obtain 
       a free catalog listing the TAB-McGraw-Hill computer books by 
       calling 1-800-822-8138.

       The Printer Bible. Scott Foerster, Que Corporation, 1990. This 
       is by far the biggest and best book ever written on using ANY 
       type of printer effectively. How to fully use, buy, maintain, 
       upgrade everything from the humble dot matrix printer to the 
       flashiest laser. Contains a thorough review of printer 
       technology, comprehensive charts, installation tips, postscript, 
       ribbons, ink technology!  

       Using 123. 1989 Que Publishing. With over one million copies 
       sold, this is the number one choice in Lotus 123 guides. 
       Includes basics of command structure, installation, spreadsheet 
       template examples, graphing, traps and techniques for advanced 
       use, menu structure, effective macro use and much more. 837 

       Dvorak's Guide to PC Telecommunications. John Dvorak and Nick 
       Anis. 1990 McGraw-Hill. At over 1037 pages this is the essential 
       book for those interested in learning about modems, bulletin 
       board systems, E-Mail, Compuserve or anything related to 
       computers and telecommunications. Contains two disks with useful 
       programs such as Telix, CED, Shez, PKZip, Modem Tutor, and 
       others which compliment the text section of the book. Appendix 
       sections include the Hayes AT command set and hundreds of BBS 
       telephone numbers plus discount coupons for products and 

       The Joy of Computer Communications. William Cook. 1984 Dell 

       Inc. Magazine's Databasics: Your Guide to Online Business 
       Information. 1986. Garland Publishing.

       The Complete Handbook of Personal Computer Communications: 
       Everything you need to go online with the world. Alfred 
       Glossbrenner. 1987 St Martin's Press.

       The PC Configuration Handbook. John Woram. 1991 Bantam Computer 
       Books. The total guide to troubleshooting hardware related 
       problems. A 768 page resource rich with notes on tests such as 
       configuration of laser printers and other hardware setup needs.

       The Winn Rosch Hardware Bible. Winn L. Rosch. 1991 Brady Computer 
       Books. A hands on approach to repairing and troubleshooting PC 
       problems. Including printers, memory, keyboards, software 
       settings and more. 628 pages.
       The Laserjet Handbook. Steven Bennett. 1991 Brady computer 
       Books. 518 pages with a utility diskette for information on the 
       care and feeding of the HP Laserjet printer. 

       Using PFS: First Choice. George Omura. 1988 Sybex. A thorough 
       beginners guide to mastering the First Choice integrated program 
       which is popular with those needing a single program which 
       contains a word processor, spreadsheet, database, report 
       generator, graphics and telecommunications package. 

       Using Wordstar. Steve Ditlea. 1988 Que. Wordstar users will 
       delight in over 600 pages of tips on this classic word 
       processing package. Covers installation, editing, printing, 
       command structure, mail-merging techniques, spell-checking, 
       macros and much more. Also includes tips on using this classic 
       word processor with other packages such as 123 and PC-Outline. 
       Recommeded Wordperfect Resources: 
       Wordperfect 5.1 Tips, Tricks and Traps. Charles Stewart III
       Wordperfect 5.1 made Easy. Mella Mincberg
       Wordperfect 5.1: The Complete Reference. Karen Acerson
       Wordperfect 5.1 Macros and Templates. Gordon McComb
       Wordperfect Desktop Publishing in Style. Daniel Will-Harris
       Wordperfect 5.0 Instant Reference. Greg Harvey
       Computer Viruses, Worms, Data Diddlers, Killer Programs and 
       other Threats to Your System. John McAfee and Colin Haynes. 1989 
       St Martins Press. Written by the chairman of the Computer Virus 
       Industry Association, this book presents a chillingly detailed 
       look at viruses. Includes actual programming code for two virus 
       samples as well as detailed reviews of software protection 
       programs, computer security methods and historical anecdotes 
       about virus infections in corporate and university settings. 

       Computer Viruses. Ralph Roberts. 1988 Chilton Books. Discusses 
       many known viruses, how they work, telephone and sources for 
       help and virus antidotes. 
       IBM XT Clone Buyers Guide and Handbook 
       IBM AT Clone Buyers Guide and Handbook
       386 Buyers Guide and Handbook
       By Edwin Rutsch. 1988. Modular Information Systems. This trilogy 
       of books cover computers of all major categories in the IBM clone 
       world. Buy an edition which is six months or less old; frequent 
       updates are common. Back issues of PC Magazine also review 
       computers and recommend "editor's choices" and best buys in most 
       classes of IBM clone computers. 
       Dr. File Finder's Guide to Shareware by Michael Callahan and 
       Nick Anis. ISBN: 0-07-881646-7. A book and disk package teaching 
       you how to find and use the best in shareware. Learn about disk 
       vendors, computer club sources, the best shareware in 20 
       categories. Includes such popular programs as Qmodem, Dos line 
       editor, Anarkey, MackMail and more. Two additional disks 
       available upon submission of a postcard contained in the book. 

       Writing & Marketing Shareware - a book and companion cassette 
       tape by Steve Hudgik, HomeCraft, P.O. Box 974, Tualatin, OR 
       97062. Tel 503/692-3732. The best book in the industry for 
       learning about programming, designing and MARKETING shareware 
       for maximum financial return. Shows you how to become a 
       successful shareware author who develops WINNING shareware for 
       maximum income. Includes mailing list of distributors, equipment 
       suppliers, service providers, how to design your shareware and 

       $hareware Marketing $ystem. Two disk set containing tutorials 
       and quarterly marketing newsletter for shareware authors plus 
       dBase format mailing list on disk of over 4,000 addresses for 
       industry contacts: computer clubs, disk vendors, magazine writers 
       and more who use, distribute or review shareware. The mailing 
       list on disk is ready to import into many database software 
       packages and print mailing labels directly. By Jim Hood, the 
       author of THIS tutorial! POB 1506, Mercer Island, WA 98040.  
       Alfred Glossbrenner's Master Guide to Free Software and 
       Shareware, c/o FireCrystal Communications, 699 River Rd, 
       Yardley, PA 19067. One of the largest and most respected guides 
       to shareware in the industry. Editor is a contributor to 
       computer industry magazines. 

       Tips and Techniques for Using Low-Cost and Public Domain 
       Software. John Gliedman. 1988. McGraw-Hill. A thorough guide to 
       low cost, effective shareware and public domain programs 
       including RAM disks, word processors, batch file systems, hard 
       disk managers, tutorials and other topics. 
       Fire in the Valley, Paul Freiberger and Michael Swaine, Berkeley 
       California, Osborne/McGraw-Hill, 1984. The classic pre-history 
       of the early days of personal computers. Colorful, animated and 
       witty discussion about the makers of the personal computer 
       Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution, Steven Levy, New 
       York: Doubleday, 1984. A fascinating look at the early computer 
       hacker culture in the days at MIT. A great book to curl up with 
       on a long rainy weekend! 

       The Joy of Computers, Peter Laurie, London: Hutchinson, 1983. 

       The Computer Glossary, Alan Freedman, 1989, AMACOM. Find out 
       exactly what determines the difference between a pixel and a 
       TSR. Thousands of terms explained in a savvy and witty manner.

       The Elements of Style, William Strunk and EB White, 1979, 
       Macmillan. This little book is a classic for writers and 
       communicators alike. For those who aspire to write simply, 
       cleanly and well, the is the little book which should accompany 
       all word processing packages. Learning the precepts of this 
       book requires a lifetime of practice and reward you 
       with text which explains, delights and clarifies. 

       Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Pirsig, 1977, 
       Bantam Books. Understanding how YOU fit in with computers means 
       understanding the philosophy and history of computers. A non-
       technical look at using high technology to tinker effectively 
       and adapt to the pleasures of life in this electronic age. 

       History of Programming Languages, Richard Wexelblat, New York: 
       Academic Press, 1981. 

       The Elements of Spreadsheet Style, John Nevison, 1987, Brady 
       Books. The essentials of proper construction and use of 
       spreadsheets. Years later you can come back to the spreadsheet 
       you designed for a complex budget report and know WHAT and HOW 
       it works plus WHERE the formulas are. Packed with exceptional 
       techniques for using these marvelous number crunching programs. 

       Home Businesses Under $5000. Joyce Lain Kennedy. Sun Features 
       Inc. POB 368, Cardiff, CA 92007. (cost: $4.50). Everyone who 
       owns a computer wonders if there isn't a way to start their own 
       small business out of the den or garage and use the computer to 
       make money rather than punch a time clock for the boss. This 36 
       page booklet is a practical guide with tips for starting 
       everything from a mail list maintenance business to a pet 
       portrait business. $4.50 and a self stamped (75 cents) self-
       addressed envelope. 

       Windows 3.0: A Self-Teaching Guide. Keith Weiskamp and Saul 
       Aguiar. 1991. Published by John Wiley and Sons. The ins and outs 
       of installing and running windows from the ground up for the 


                          DOS OPERATING SYSTEM BOOKS 


       PC Magazine DOS Power tools, 1991, Bantam - includes 2 disks 
       with utilities. Probably the ultimate DOS book for those willing 
       to roll up both shirtsleeves and crawl under the hood for a 
       "nuts and bolts" understanding of the PC. Batch files, DOS, 
       DEBUG, the works! $40 but available at discount from many 
       bookstores. The disks of software utilities are worth the price 
       of the book. 1251 pages! 

       Running MS-DOS (2nd edition), Van Wolverton, 1985, Microsoft 

       Quick Reference guide to MS-DOS, Van Wolverton, 1987, Microsoft 

       Peter Norton's DOS Guide (rev. edition), Peter Norton, 1987, 
       Brady Books Also responsible for the essential software utility 
       toolkit of the same name, Peter Norton takes you on a friendly 
       and detailed tour of setting up shop and getting results 

       Tricks of the MS-DOS Masters, John Angermeyer, 1987, Howard Sams 
       & Co. 

       MS-DOS Bible, Steven Simrin, 1985, Howard W. Sams and Company 
       (Division of Macmillan Inc. Publishers) 


                              COMPUTER MAGAZINES 


       PC MAGAZINE (at most newstands) The preferred magazine for 
       businesses and serious hobbyists. This is the one to subscribe 
       to if you can afford the financial and time committment to only 
       ONE computer magazine. The best and most detailed equipment and 
       software reviews in the industry. Back issues at most libraries 
       are ESSENTIAL goldmines for beginner and advanced alike. 
       Software utilities published by PC Magazine and available 
       through most computer clubs and PC Magazine MagNet (modem 
       service) are instant classics. 

       SHAREWARE MAGAZINE. Published by PC-SIG, 1030-D East Duane 
       Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94086. Voice telephone: 408/730-9291 FAX: 
       408/730-2107. Included with membership in PC-SIG, one of the 
       largest shareware disk distributors in the world. A bimonthly, 
       "light and lively" guide to the shareware market featuring 
       reviews and articles on the best and latest. 

       COMPUTER SHOPPER (at most newstands) A monthly review of mail 
       order and deep discount computer sources. The largest and most 
       detailed pc purchasing guide in existence. Contains updates on 
       new software, discount computer reviews, news articles, listings 
       of local computer clubs and mail order sources for shareware. 
       Page after page of mail order ads offer tremendous diversity and 
       equipment choice. 

       HOME OFFICE COMPUTING combines computers with topics and 
       techniques for working at home including equipment and software 
       reviews, new ideas for making money with a computer in a home 
       office environment, using a modem, money management for the work 
       at home computerist, new business ideas, time management, 
       interesting franchise ideas, and more. 730 Broadway, NY, NY 
       10003. 212/505-3580.

       LOTUS MAGAZINE (circulation office: PO Box 9123, Cambridge, MA, 
       02139-9123, telephone (617) 494-1192) The ultimate spreadsheet 
       periodical. Back issues at some public libraries and many 
       university and college libraries are essential resources. The 
       spreadsheet is the ultimate number crunching engine as well as 
       an adequate database and even a poor man's word processor. Lotus 
       magazine shows you how to turbocharge your spreadsheet via 
       detailed and interesting examples. 
       PC RESOURCE MAGAZINE. No longer published, but back issues in 
       library archives are ESSENTIAL reading for computer beginners 
       and novices. 

       UNCLE HANKS SHAREWARE REVIEW Magazine is a Bi-Monthly collection 
       of reviews of some of the finest Shareware Programs available today.
       A great little magazine discussing low cost quality shareware 
       programs for beginners and advanced computer users alike! For a 
       sample copy, send $1 to: Uncle Hank's Shareware, 8 Hendricks
       Street, Easthampton, MA 01027.




       Below are listed several reputable software and hardware vendors 
       who provide interesting catalogs and reasonable service. This 
       does not suggest an endorsement, simply a resource with printed 
       catalogs which are of good educational value. 

       Selective Software Catalog (903 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz CA 

       Power Up Software Catalog, POB 7600, San Mateo, CA 94403-7600. 

       US Micro Inc 1-800-874-5505  or (206) 453-4046 

       CompuAdd Computer  1-800-627-1967  or 1-800-666-1872 

       Dell Computer  1-800-283-1290 

       Austin Computer 1-800-752-1577 

       Swan Computer 1-800-468-9044 

       Northgate Computer 1-800-548-1993 

       Zeos Computer 1-800-423-5891 

       PC-Brand  1-800-PC BRAND 




       55 Word Processors tested and evaluated, PC Magazine, February 
       29, 1988 

       Programming Languages, Lawrence Tesler, Scientific American, 
       September 1984. 

       Economy class accounting for small business. PC Magazine, April 
       10, 1990. 

       Advanced accounting packages evaluated and rated, PC Magazine, 
       September 15, 1987 

       Spreadsheet review, PC Magazine, April 24, 1988 

       Hard drive use and evaluations, PC Magazine, June 9, 1987 

       Best low end integrated packages including Microsoft Works, PC 
       Magazine, December 26, 1989 

       Printer evaluations and ratings, PC Magazine, November 10, 1987 
       Also covered in PC Magazine issues: October 31, 1988 & November 
       14, 1989 

       Basic programming language compilers, PC Magazine, October 31, 

       Best utilities, backup systems, fax review, PC Magazine, June 
       23, 1987 

       Keyboards, mouse and other input devices, useful utilities, PC 
       Magazine, August 16, 1987 

       Project management programs, keyboard macro programs, 386 high 
       speed computers, disc diagnostic programs, PC Magazine, 
       September 29, 1987 

       Desktop publishing, spelling checkers PC Magazine, October 13, 

       Spreadsheet reviews, backup software evaluation, PC Magazine, 
       October 27, 1987. 

       Hard drive cards - mail order drives, Low cost CAD packages, PC 
       Magazine December 8, 1987 

       The Excel spreadsheet from Microsoft, popup scratchpad/note-
       takers PC Magazine, December 22, 1987 

       Best programs and hardware of 1989, PC Magazine, January 16, 

       Databases, expanded memory, graphics packages, 80386 computers, 
       Personal Computing, January, 1988 

       Portable computers, worms, PC Magazine, March 29, 1988 

       Database package evaluation, Desktop publishing software, PC 
       Magazine April 12, 1988 

       Top charting and graphing packages, Projection screen systems, 
       integrated word processors, PC Magazine March 15, 1988 

       Evaluation of OS/2, Running a small business with personal 
       finance software, Personal Computing, February 1988   

       High speed modems, Personal Computing, December 1987 

       Tutorial finished. Be sure to order your FOUR BONUS DISKS which 
       expand this software package with vital tools, updates and 
       additional tutorial material for laptop users! Send $20.00 to 
       Seattle Scientific Photography, Department LAP, PO Box 1506, 
       Mercer Island, WA 98040. Bonus disks shipped promptly! Some 
       portions of this software package use sections from the larger 
       PC-Learn tutorial system which you will also receive with your 
       order. Modifications, custom program versions, site and LAN 
       licenses of this package for business or corporate use are 
       possible, contact the author. This software is shareware - an 
       honor system which means TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. Press escape key to 
       return to menu.