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LC 550/575 and PowerPC Upgrades for LC/Performas Announced - 02/1994

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Subject: LC 550/575 and PowerPC Upgrades for LC/Performas Announced
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Apple Unveils its Most Powerful, All-in-one Low-Cost Computer Yet
The Macintosh LC 575 Continues to Raise the Standard for Affordable,
Easy-to-Use, All-in-one Desktop Computing

CUPERTINO, California--February 2, 1994--Apple Computer, Inc.
today has added the new Macintosh  LC 575 to its  LC product line.

The LC 575 makes it easy for people to integrate a multimedia and
communications solution for a range of worldwide users in school,
home and business environments.

With a 33-megahertz Motorola 68040 microprocessor, the Macintosh LC
575 offers performance comparable to the Macintosh Quadra  800, or
three times that of today's popular Macintosh LC 520.  It also has an
internal double-speed tray-loading CD-ROM drive, built-in Trinitron
color display and stereo speakers.

Apple  also announced it plans to provide PowerPC  processor upgrades
for all the Macintosh LC/Performa 500 series of computers, including
the Macintosh LC 575, 550, 520 and Performa  550.  In addition, Apple
plans to make upgrades available for the Macintosh LC 475.

It comes complete with many built-in features such as enhanced color
support, double-speed CD-ROM, networking, one expansion slot, one
communications slot, a SCSI interface, microphoneand stereo sound.

The 575 has an integrated high-quality 14-inch Sony Trinitron color display
that delivers a screen resolution of 640 pixels x480 pixels using more than
32,000 colors (16-bit).  In addition to its built-in stereo speakers and
microphone, the Macintosh LC 575 includes a new internal tray-loading
double-speed CD-ROM drive, The AppleCD 300i Plus.  This drive also supports
multi session Kodak PhotoCDs and provides 16-bit sound out from audio CD

The Macintosh LC 575 also comes standard with a minimum of 4 
megabytes of RAM and a hard disk as large as 320 megabytes.
The computer can support up to 36 megabytes of RAM, allowing users
to work with powerful multimedia applications and use multiple
applications simultaneously.  It also comes standard with a built-in,
1.4-megabyte Apple SuperDrive floppy-disk drive that reads,
writes and formats Macintosh, MS-DOS, OS/2 and Windows disks.

Built-In Communications Flexibility and Expansion
The Macintosh LC 575 features a new enhanced, flexible communications
slot.  The communications slot can easily be configured by the user
to accept any one of three Ethernet cards (Twisted Pair, Thin Coax or
Apple's AAUI) or a high-speed 14400 fax/modem card based on the
PowerBook Express Modem.  These small (pocket-comb size) low-cost
cards offer users the latest in high-speed networking and
telecommunications capabilities.  They can be easily removed and
replaced if a user's needs change.  The dedicated communication slot
enables the Macintosh LC 575 to easily fit into any computing
environment, because the computer's other slot, the Macintosh LC
processor direct slot (LC-PDS), remains open to support other future
user needs.

The LC-PDS will allow users to immediately take advantage of all
expansion cards available for the Macintosh LC line such as NTSC
video-out, video capture, and Apple IIe emulation cards.

The Macintosh LC 575 is also equipped with all the "traditional"
Macintosh features such as built-in AppleTalk  networking, as well as
serial and high-speed SCSI ports, which enable users to connect to a
variety of peripheral devices like scanners, cameras and modems. In
addition, the computer includes an Apple Desktop Bus  (ADB) port,
which supports a keyboard or other input device.

		    Pre-Installed System Software

The Macintosh LC 575 comes pre-configured with Apple's System 7.1
operating system.  System 7.1 includes multitasking and file-sharing
capabilities, as well as CloseView, Easy Access and visible-beep
software solutions for users with disabilities.

		Compliant with EPA Energy Star Program

Like the Macintosh LC 520, the Macintosh LC 575 continues to
demonstrate Apple's commitment to the Environmental Protection
Agency's Energy Star Program.  The Macintosh LC 575 automatically
reduces power consumption to less than 30 watts when idle, a feature
that could cut the electricity used by the system by more than 50
percent.  Through an on-screen control panel, users simply define the
period of time the computer can be inactive before the power-down
feature starts.

		       Availability and Pricing

Available immediately, the Macintosh LC 575's distribution,
pricing and configurations will vary.

U.S. Configuration                        U.S. Price
Macintosh LC 575/160MB HD,            $1,699 / U.S.
Education Channel
Internal tray-loading CD-ROM
5MB RAM/1MB VRAM with Keyboard II

Macintosh LC 550 4MB RAM/                $1,199
160MB hard drive, 512/1MB VRAM
with Keyboard II

Apple Ethernet LC Cards:                  $84.00
Twisted Pair
Thin Coax

Apple IIe Emulation Card                 $123.30

	   Apple also announced today the Macintosh LC 550.

The LC 550 shares the same integrated design and multimedia features
of the 575, but is based on 33 megahertz 68030 microprocessor technology.

The U.S. Education Channel price will be $1,199, making the Macintosh LC 550
Apple's lowest-cost all-in-one design available.  This new computer offers a
single configuration and can be upgraded to Apple's new tray-loading CD-ROM

Outside the United States, the Macintosh LC 575 and 550 models are
targeted at all of Apple's market segments: education, home and
business.  Within the United States, they will initially be sold
into the K-12 and higher education markets only.

If you are interested in receiving Apple releases via fax, call
800 AAPL FAX and enter I.D.number 6172