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  • Nine different viewing windows, with over 345 different combinations
  • Excellent club selection feature
  • Wide, panoramic views giving you a better feel for the course
  • Statistics recorded for each player and game, with optional print out
  • Championship course statistics to help you play the courses more effectively
  • A "Saved Shot" feature, which allows you to save a replay of your best shots
  • Scaleable "Top View"
  • "Profile View" which shows changes in elevation between the ball and the pin
  • Easy to use swing indicator for realistic putting
  • Male or female golfers, with 10 different shirt colors to choose from
  • Spectacular texturing of fairways, rough, sand, & water not offered in other golf games

Hardware requirements

  • PC with 386 SX/16MHz CPU or better
  • 2 MB of RAM
  • Hard drive with 13 MB free
  • Mouse
  • Super VGA video card (VESA compatible) capable of 640X400 or 640X480 in 256 color resolution

Hardware recommended

  • PC with 386/33MHz or faster
  • 8 MB of RAM
  • Sound Blaster-compatible sound card

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