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Links LS

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How do you go further up when you're already on top of the mountain? You sprout wings and fly! After winning nearly every possible award for a sports simulation with Links 386, Access Software had to dig deep and stretch the limits of technology to bring you the next generation of Links -- Links LS. So what's new about Links LS? Every stroke, every blade of grass, every contour, every chirp...


Unlimited screen resolutions means that LINKS LS can match any monitor's maximum viewing capabilities (even 1600x1200 and higher if you have the video RAM). Up to 16.7 million colors means the finest in near photo realistic quality possible with today's technology. LINKS LS supports color depths of 15 bit (32,000 colors), 16 bit (64,000 colors), and 24/32 bit (16.7 million colors). You've simply never seen software this good!

TOTALLY NEW TERRAIN-RENDERING ENGINE AND BALL FLIGHT MODEL This gives LINKS LS a realism never before achieved in the gaming industry. As LINKS has always done, we render not just the hole itself but the entire course. You can literally hit your ball a half-mile out of bounds! Now, authentic ground, sand, and grass textures combine with dynamic shadows and fog to give you a course so lifelike you can almost feel the wet grass! LINKS LS features the most realistic ball flight ever. Our engineers have reworked the ball dynamics giving you true-to-life ball flight! Fade your drive just like the pros or watch as your high-arching wedge shot actually backs up on the green.


If you get tired of stroke play (standard), you can indulge in a race for cash with the NEW Skins game. Also included are Match Play and Best Ball formats. LINKS LS will keep even the shortest of attention spans interested.


With Network Play you can have up to eight players in a single game (two workstations, four players per station). There is no restriction for network protocols. As long as both workstations are mapped to one concurrent drive, you're dancin'. You can play head to head with a real human opponent even if they are across the ocean. With modem play you can dial a remote computer anywhere the phone lines will reach and play a game of golf--rain or shine.


Two stunning Hawaiian courses have been selected to inaugurate LINKS LS as the first in the Resort Courses Series--The Plantation and Village courses at Kapalua on the island of Maui. Along with Kapalua, Arnold Palmer's home course--Latrobe Country Club in Pennsylvania--completes the 54 holes of play.


Ever have the feeling you've been there before? Our NEW Virtual World Tour allows you to move freely in a three-dimentional environment of the Plantation Clubhouse at Kapalua as well as Arnie's workshop and trophy room.


Golfer animations include Arnold Palmer, a young man, a young woman, and a middle-age male golfer. Each features multiple reactions for both good and bad shots. Timing of golfer and swing indicator are now independent so you can witness the golfer animation in full motion video quality (up to 30 frames per second).


Camera windows are user-selectable, user-sizable and are capable of displaying views from any of following cameras:

  • Top View Camera - This is an overhead 'Blimp View' showing the current hole, ball flight, and the aiming marker. The user can position the aiming marker or 'drop' from the top view.
  • Side View Camera - This is 'Side Blimp View' from a lower elevation and shows the current hole, ball flight, and aiming marker. The user can also position the aiming marker or 'drop' in the side view.
  • Green View Camera - This camera is positioned beyond the green, about 40 feet off the ground, looking back towards the tee box. This view shows the player animation, ball flight, and aiming marker. The user can also position the aiming marker or drop in the green view.
  • Chat View - for network and modem play.
  • Custom Views - You can position the camera almost anywhere you choose to watch your shots like never before.
  • Profile View Camera - This camera shows an elevation profile from the ball to the pin and displays appropriate elevation and distance information.

In addition to being displayed in the normal full screen view, the aiming marker is also displayed by the Top View, Side View, Green View, and Custom View cameras and can be repositioned by clicking in any of these camera windows.


All the Super VGA LINKS Championship Courses will be capable of being converted to the NEW LINKS LS course format.


The sound library editor allows you to use any standard wave (.wav) file and add your own sounds to most of the events in the game. For instance if you want a Bronx cheer assigned to a bogey, you can have it.


Sounds like waves crashing and dogs barking have a specific spatial position on the course. As the player approaches these locations, the sounds get louder. As the player turns left or right, the sounds pan across the stereo mix and seem to come from a certain direction.


To insure full Windows 95 compatibility, we have developed the LINKS LS Sentry. The Sentry is a Windows application that runs along side LINKS LS and performs several important functions:

  • Uses Windows 95's Auto Play to launch SETUP.EXE & install LINKS LS
  • Creates a LINKS LS folder on your Windows 95 desktop
  • Checks to see if other programs that can interfere with LINKS LS are running and allows you to selectively close them
  • Maintains critical communications with Windows 95 to insure that any shutdown of LINKS LS is fully recoverable
  • Minimum of 16 MB of memory required for play under Windows 95


Your computer must be at least a 486 DX2 66 MHz CPU. (Not compatible with NexGen or other CPUs without math co-processor.) It must have 12MB of RAM (16MB to run in a window in Windows 95), 30 MB of free hard drive space (estimated), and a 2X (double speed) CD-ROM drive (MPC Level 2 compliant). Your video card must have at least 1 MB of video RAM (DRAM, VRAM or WRAM). The VESA bios must be VESA 2.0 compliant, capable of displaying 800 x 600 resolution with 32K colors. VESA does not refer to your BUS type. A PCI video card still must have a VESA bios to be VESA compliant. To get any sound you must have at least an 8-bit sound card. A mouse is required.


Pentium 90 MHz CPU or faster, 16+ MB RAM, 4X (quad speed) or higher CD-ROM, 2 MB Local Bus video (optimum resolution 1600 x 1200 resolution in 65,000 colors requires 4 MB RAM on video card), 200 MB hard drive space, 16 bit industry standard compatible sound card, and a mouse.

Links LS Macintosh

Links LS, the world's most award - winning golf simulator, is now being released for MAC owners. With up to 16.7 million colors and resolutions up to 1600 x 1200, Links LS Macintosh will dazzle the eyes and please the golfer in everyone. LS Macintosh proudly features the Grand Master of Golf, Arnold Palmer. You'll marvel as the legendary Arnie tees off as a movie-quality, 30 - frame - per - second animation. Packed with 54 of the most beautiful holes in golf, Links LS Macintosh features the Kapalua Plantation and Village courses on Maui, along with Palmer's home course, Latrobe Country Club. Other features include modem / network play, fog and microtextured grass, more realistic ball - flight dynamics, 3-D virtual reality tours and exclusive multimedia footage.

Hardware Requirements: Power PC 6100/66 or better with MacOS 7.5.1 or higher, 16Mb memory minimum, 2x or greater CD-ROM, 40 Mb of free disk space (est.). Supports screen resolutions: 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1600x1200 with Thousands or Millions of colors.

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