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Links LS 1998 Edition

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New Features of LS '98

  • Lightning fast screen updates - Virtually no waiting for screen redraws as LS '98 brings you "look ahead" rendering of the next view.
  • Up to 8 Internet players - Improved multi-player games over the Internet and local area networks with Microsoft's Direct Play™ support. Up to 8 players at up to 8 stations.
  • Internet tournament play - Our new partnership with GOLFWEB and Mpath will allow Links LS '98 users to compete in weekly on-line tournaments.
  • Native Windows 95/NT - Links LS '98 is now a native Windows 95 and Windows NT (4.0 or higher) application with full Direct X™ support.
  • Off-line tournament play - Design your own off-line tournaments and compete against a field of computer opponents. You can even create your own "Links Tour" and vie for top money winner.
  • "Scramble" and "Alternate shot" formats - These new formats are in addition to Stroke, Skins, Match, and Best Ball formats currently in Links LS.
  • 2 additional golfers - Links LS '98 features a new male and a new female golfer in addition to Arnie and the 3 original golfers.
  • Waving Flags and other enhancements - Links LS '98 features many visual enhancements, including: Waving flags on the greens, airplanes, helicopters, birds, and other animals, other players, water reflections, improved textures and colors, and additional sky backgrounds.
  • "Smart" camera views - Additional "smart" cameras can automatically show the view you want. Links LS '98 features up to 8 separate cameras, twice the number as the current version of LS.
  • "Main View" in a window - When playing in resolutions above 800x600, you can now have the Main View render in a window and position camera views around the perimeter. This offers an unobstructed view of the course without having to turn off those all important cameras.
  • Digitized scorecards - Now you have the option of viewing and printing your score on a digitized version of the scorecard from the actual course

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